Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p35


Volume 4, Page 35

    SCARLET, BENJAMIN, Salem 1633, s. prob. of Mary, wh. bound him
apprent. that yr. aged only 11 yrs. to capt. Endicott, and he contin. the
Gov's man 1651, and was liv. 1678. A wid. Scarlet, early memb. of
Salem ch. in her will of 2 Mar. 1640, pro. June 1643, nam. Joseph
Grafton excor. calls him br. as also James Lind, and br. Browning, and
his w. and sis. Dennis. All these, I think, refer to Christian soc. but
she ment. her own ch. Mary, Margaret, and Joseph; and when she nam.
br. Samuel in Eng. she means, I suppose, kinsm. and may have been
f. of this apprent. Yet, as to the fam. of the testator, I see no more
light. JOHN, Sringfield 1640, was then constable, rem. to Boston
1650, by w. Thomasine had Mary and Jane, tw. b. 21 Sept. 1653; perhaps
John, 1657, wh. d. young; Thomasine, 18 May 1660; John and
Samuel, tw. 16 Apr. 1664; and Elizabeth 18 Nov. 1667; and by Farmer, in
MS.geneal. was, I think, mistak. for his br. Samuel. His will, of 16 Feb.
1688, pro. 21 Mar. foll. gives to his w. to d. Thomasine Taylor, and
to gr.s. James Fryer; so that my conject. is, that ano. of his ds. had m.
James, only s. of Hon. Nathaniel F. ROBERT, Salem 1635, perhaps
br. of Benjamin, was that yr. sentenc. to be whip. for run. from his
master. SAMUEL, Boston 1664, br. of John, master of a sh. from London
to B. with his w. join. Mather's ch. 1672, was freem. and constable
1673, and was mort. inj. by explos. of a sh. in the harbor, 4 May 1675,
dy. in a few hours. He was b. in Kersey, Co. Suffk. he says in his will,
made that day, pro. 26 May foll. by wh. he dispos. of good amt. of prop.
but left no ch.

    SCATE, JOHN, Boston, by w. Sarah had John, b. 14 Apr. 1659.

    SCATHE, JOHN, Hingham, with Ann, perhaps a sis. are ment. in the
wills of John Merrick and of his wid. Elizabeth 1647 and 9. prob. they
were serv. but he was in Boston, prob. 1674, a cordwainer, and in 1678
sold lds. at H. to William Hersey, writ. his name John Skeath.

    SCHRICK, PAULUS, Hartford, one of the little colo. of Dutch from
New York, that had plant. bef. the Eng. went thither. He m. 30 Dec.
1658, Mary, wid. of Josephus Ambeck, d. of Caspar Varleet; but no
issue is ment.

    SCILIAN, BENJAMIN, and JOSEPH, unless surname be mistak. as I
suspect, were of Ipswich 1683.

Middletown, a propr. 1671, by w. Rachel m. 17 Dec. 1690, at Lyme, had
Arthur, b. 13 Jan. 1692; and James, 9 Jan. 1694, wh. d. in few wks.
and the f. d. 24 June foll. ARTHUR, Middletown, s. of the preced. by
w. Elizabeth m. Feb. 1711, had James, b. 18 Jan. 1712; and Elizabeth 26 July
1715. BENJAMIN, Haddam, perhaps s. of John, by w. Ann had Edward,
b. 9 Apr. 1704; Sarah, 9 Oct. 1706; and Amie, 14 Mar. 1709.