Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p36

Volume 4, Page 36

DANIEL, Stamford 1641, one of the first sett. d. 1671, leav. ch. Daniel,
John, Richard, Joseph, Sarah, w. of John Pettit; and Mary or Mercy.
His wid. Sarah bec. third w. of Miles Merwin, and is nam. in his will.
His two eldest s. liv. many yrs. at Stamford, and left num. progeny; but
their br. Joseph d. 1676, in serv. or by the hardships of Philip's war,
leav. no fam. yet some est. to brs. and sis. EDWARD, Haddam, m. Hannah,
d. prob. youngest, of Andrew Benton of Hartford, d. 1703, leav.
wid. and two ds. but I miss any early date. JOHN, Farmington, m. 29
Mar. 1666, Sarah Barnes, d. of Thomas, rem. to Waterbury, next to Haddam,
there d. 1712, had John, William, and Benjamin. JOHN, Middletown,
m. 9 Feb. 1698, Mary Lucas, d. prob. of William, had Joanna, John,
Mary, Elizabeth William, and Ebenezer, and d. 12 Dec. 1712. RICHARD,
Ipswich 1648, came in the Susan and Ellen, aged 22, from London, may
have been of Stamford 1650, and d. 1671, and the same, whose wid. m.
Robert Penoyer. He was prob. f. Richard, propound. for freem.
1670, a trader at S. 1689-1701; and, perhaps, other ch. Great vexation
has attend. my desire to avoid confus. of families under such various
spell. and it would not be easy for a congress of those with so hard a
name, in our days, to make out the derivat. of the mem.

    SCOLLEY or SCHOLLEY, JOHN, Malden 1674, then 33 yrs. old, had
liv. at Charlestown, m. Hannah, d. of James Barrett, had John, b. 20
June 1665; Hannah, 3 Apr. 1669; James, Oct. 1671; Mary, Feb.
1675; and Sarah, wh. m. 16 Nov. 1699, Jonathan Eustis.

    SCOON or SCONE, JOHN, Westfield, m. Sarah, d. of Edmund Hart,
had William, b. 15 Nov. 1676; Sarah, 7 Mar. 1678; Elizabeth 14 June
1680; and Joseph, 16 Apr. 1683; and d. 19 Aug. 1684.

    SCOTCHFORD, JOHN, Concord, was town clk. m. Susanna, perhaps d.
of George Meriam, had no ch. says Shattuck, and d. 10 June 1696.
His wid. d. 2 Feb. 1707.

    SCOTT, BENJAMIN, Braintree, had, perhaps b. in Eng. Hannah, wh.
m. Christopher Webb; John, b. 25 Dec. 1640, d. soon; rem. to Cambridge,
there, by w. Margaret, had Joseph, 14 July 1644; Benjamin, 5
July 1646; John, again, 2 July 1648; Elizabeth 27 May 1650, wh d. in one
wk.; rem. to Rowley bef. 1652, there had Samuel, 1655, and two ds.;
was freem. 1665, and d. 1671. Of ano. BENJAMIN of Braintree, we
kn. only, that his will of 7 Oct. 1683, pro. 29 Apr. foll. refers to no w.
or ch. but gives all his est. to br. Peter until the eldest s. of Peter come
of age. BENJAMIN, Rowley, s. of the first Benjamin, m. Susanna
Searle, had John, b. 1681; Joseph, 1682; Benjamin, 1687; Samuel,
1692. EDMUND, Farmington 1649, by first w. had seven ch. was
freem. 1669, had two more ch. by sec. w. Eliz. wid. of Thomas Upson,
but the date of ms. or bs. for neither is told. From his will of 11 June