Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p98


Volume 3, Page 98

Grove, had John, b. 10 Nov. foll. and Moses, 17 Feb. 1668. He d.
early, and his wid. m. 21 Feb. 1671, Edward Searle, jr. MOSES, perhaps
of Kingston, s. of the first John, m. 9 or 19 Nov. 1668, Mary, d.
of Henry Knowles, was, I presume, of Wickford, as the Conn. favorers
name their claim to the Narraganset country. His will of 1700, tho. he
did not d. bef. 6 Jan. 1705, ment. s. Moses, then a minor, ds. Mary, w.
of John Burlingame; Martha, w. of Thomas Burlingame; and Rebecca
w. of John Lippet.

    LIPPENCOT, BARTHOLOMEW, Dover 1658. RICHARD, Dorchester,
freem. 13 May 1640, rem. to Boston 1644, by w. Abigail had Remembrance,
bapt. 19 Sept. 1641, at D. and at B. had John, b. 6, bapt. 10
Nov. 1644; Abigail, 17, bapt. 24 Jan. 1647, d. in few wks. In a few
yrs. he disagr. with his brethr. of the ch; who cast him out from their
communion, 6 July 1651, tho. only for his conscientious scruples, and
soon aft. he went home, where more liberty was encouraged by Cromwell
than our people liked. There he had Restore, b. at Plymouth, 3 July of
yr. not ment. in the fam. geneal. but prob. 1653; and at some other
town in Devonsh.; Freedom, 1 Sept. prob. 1655; Increase, 5 Dec.
1657; and Jacob, 11 May 1660; in 1663 came again over the ocean,
and at R. I. had Preserved, 25 Feb. 1663, wh. d. at three yrs. In few
yrs. moro he rem. to New Jersey, and at Shrewsbury in that Col. he was
a patentee of the chart. 30 May 1669, and his descend. have cont.

    LISCOME or LISCOM, NICHOLAS, Marblehead 1663. Felt. Perhaps
he had gr. of ld. 1637, and is the man whose name is by Felt, I.
169, print. Listen, wh. seems a very uncommon surname, and the mistake
night easi. arise by reading c as t, wh. in the old engross. band it so
much resembles as to have a thousand times been so tak. Possib. the
modern fam. of Luscome at Salem may thus be derived. See Lyscom.

    LISLE. See Lyall.

    LISTER, ANDREW. See Lester.

    LISTON, NICHOLAS, Gloucester 1645, resid. but short period.

    LITCHFIELD, EXPERIENCE, Scituate 1671, B. of Lawrence of the
same, k. by accid. 1673. JOSIAH, Scituate, s. prob. of Lawrence, m.
1671, Sarah, d. of Rev. Nicholas Baker, had Hannah, b. 24 Dec. 1672,
Sarah, 25 Sept. 1674; Josiah, 10 Jan. 1677; Nicholas, 7 Feb. 1680;
Experience, 25 May 1683; Judith, 25 Apr. 1687; and Samuel, 4 Feb.
1690. His gr. gr.s. Joseph, Br. Univ. 1773, d. 28 Jan. 1828, in 78th yr.
and gr. gr. gr.s. Paul, H. C. 1775, d. 5 Nov. 1827, in 76th yr. says
Farmer, and both were min. LAWRENCE, Barnstable 1640, thot. to be
progenit. of all of this name in N. E. rem. aft. 1643, and in 1646 is
found at Scituate, had d. Dependence, b. 15 Feb. that yr.; and, perhaps,
Josiah, 1647; but at B. had d. Remember (wh. Deane says, m. a
Lewiw of Barnstable, but I doubt his accuracy); and s. Experience, bef.