Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p90


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Volume 3, Page 90

Thirteen of this name had been gr. at Harv. and thirty-four at other
N. E. coll. in 1834.

    LEY, HENRY, Boston, by w. Mary had Richard, b. 27 July 1657.
JOSHUA, Boston, by w. Mary had Benjamin, b. 18 Feb. 1691.

    LIBBEY, ANTHONY, Scarborough 1676, rem. a. 1685 to Portsmouth.
1676, were brs. of the preced. and s. of John, who, as well as John jr.
prob. first b. of the fam. was there 1663, and there the name has cont.
The f. d. 1683; in his will of 9 Feb. of that yr. admir. for its brevity,
naming only "two younger s. Matthew and Daniel." He came, it is
said, from Broadstairs, in the Isle of Thanet, Co. Kent. of the ch.
James m. 9 June 1698, Mary, d. of Isaac Hanson wh. prob. liv. at

    LIDGETT, CHARLES, Boston, s. of Peter, ar. co. 1678, call. col.
1689, in Hutch. I. 374, at the overthrow of Andros, whom he favor.
d. at London, says Sewall, 13 July 1698. PETER, Boston, a rich merch.
partner in many voyages with John Hull, was freem. 1673, when it is
spell. Lydgett, had w. Elizabeth Scammon, and ch. Elizabeth; Charles, b. 29
Mar. 1650; and Jane; d. 26 Apr. 1676. His wid. m. 1680, Hon. John
as his sec. w.; and Elizabeth m. John Usher, stationer of Boston,
afterwards lieut.-gov. of New Hampsh. Abstr. of his will, 10 Feb.
1671, pro. 5 May 1676, is in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 139.

    LIGHT, HENRY, New Hampsh. d. a. 1677. JOHN, Salisbury, by w.
Dorothy had Joseph, b. 21 Apr. 1676, rem. to New Hampsh. 1676, had
Mary, 20 Mar. 1678; Robert, 15 Sept. 1680; John, 8 Feb. 1682 and
Dorothy, 28 Apr. 1685.

    LIGHTFOOT, FRANCIS, Lynn, freem. 8 Dec. 1636, said to have come
from London, d. 1646. His will of 10, pro. 29 Dec. in that yr. dispos.
of his small prop. by mak. w. Ann extrix. but names br. John of London,
sis. Isabel L. liv. at Frieston, Co. Lincoln, wh. may be 4 miles E.
from Boston, and five or six friends, the most, if not all, in the mo.
country. JOHN, Boston 1653. One of this name was drown. 10 June
1669, at Pocasset. Haz. II. 210. JOHN, Salem, m. May 1680, Elizabeth
Swasey, perhaps d. of Joseph, had Joseph, b. 14 Apr. 1681; and Samuel,
25 Oct. 1683. WILLIAM, Marblehead 1674.

    LILFORD or LILFORT, FRANCIS, Rowley 1643, drown. 15 Nov.
1672. THOMAS, Rowley 1643, perhaps br. of the preced. rem. to
Haverhill 1654, had w. Elizabeth and was freem. 1666. It may reward investigat.
whether that passeng. in the Susan and Ellen, from London
1635, aged 13, whose name appears Ann Lieford, were not a sis.

    LILLY, EDWARD, Boston 1670, a cooper. GEORGE, Reading, m. 15
Nov. 1659, Hannah, but the rec. did not ins. surnames, had Hannah, b.
20 Oct. 1660; John, 5 Dec. 1662; beside others prob. and d. 1691.
JOHN, Concord, by w. Dorothy had Israel, b. 30 July 1660. JOHN,