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Volume 3, Page 544

John Wheelwright, whose name is not seen, had Edward and a d. Mary,
wh. in the will of her gr.f. W. is nam. White, d. of Edward R. was of
York 1652, of Godfrey's council, to support Gorges' patent 1649, as
well as three yrs. preced. rep. for York 1653, and 12 yrs. succeed. last
in 1679, after wh. yr. no more rep. came from Maine under the old
chart. was in high esteem, either as republican or royalist, a magistr. of
Mass. 1681, and liv. as Farmer says, in 1683. But strong reason is
found in the will of Samuel Hutchinson and of Rev. John Wheelwright
for presumpt. that f. and s. were by Farmer here confus. He had, beside
Edward, prob. other ch. and perhaps had m. in Eng. a sis. of the w.
of W. for S. H. in his will, Apr. 1667, gives to E. R. by the descript. of
"eldest s. of sis. R." and it may fairly be assumed that the f. was then d.
At least, the magistr. of 1681, wh. was prob. the recorder of 1671, must
be judged, after Apr. 1667, to have m. that Sarah W. the unm. d. of
Rev. John, nam. in her uncle's will, and to be ment. in 1679 in the
will of her f. calling him "s.-in-law." Difficulty, however, attends this
hypothesis, because it is said, that Richard Crisp m. 1671, Sarah, that d.
of Rev. John Wheelwright. Still, R. may have m. the cousin, wid. of C.

    RISING, JAMES, Boston, m. 7 July 1657, Elizabeth d. of Robert Hinsdale
of Medfield
, rem. to Bermudas, there was of the ch. and brot. letters
from their pastor, Nathaniel White, H. C. 1646, and was adm. a. 1662,
of Salem ch. and rem. in few yrs. to Windsor, where his w. d. 1669,
as did ano. w. 2 Apr. 1674; had James, John, b. 14 Apr. 1661; and
Hannah, 28 Feb. 1663; these two at S. perhaps other ch. bef. his rem.
kept the ferry at W. rem. to Suffield a. 1679, there d. 11 Sept. 1688.
His s. James d. 1690 without ch. JOHN, Suffield, s. of the preced. m.
1684, d. 1720, leav. John, James, Josiah, Jonatan, Joseph, Aaron, and
Moses, beside four ds. Rysand was the spell. at S.

1639, liv. on E. side of the riv. d. 1648. His inv. is in Trumbull, Col. Rec.
I. 486; and at the end are nam. the three ch. Sarah, betw. 7 and 8 yrs. old;
Samuel, a. 2; and Richard, a 3 mos. wh. was bapt. 20 Aug. 1648, not as
the rec. reads, 21, wh. was Monday. Richard the s. had a fam. of ch. by w.
Rebecca, d. of John Adams, certain. Richard, Samuel, John, perhaps others;
but his elder br. Samuel d. 1670, prob. without fam. WILLIAM, Dover,

    RIST, NICHOLAS, Reading, had w. Sarah imprison. 20 yrs. aft. m. for
witchcr. June 1692.

    RITH or RIETH, RICHARD, Marblehead, 1675.

    RIX, JAMES, Salem, prob. s. of Thomas of the same, had come back
after some yrs. abs. in 1682. JOHN, Boston, s. of William, tailor, by
w. Charity had Mary, b. 3 Jan. 1674; John, 16 Aug. 1676, d. soon;
Solomon, 10 Jan. 1678; Elizabeth 3 Oct. 1679; Thomas, 22 Jan. 1681;
William, 6 Feb. 1682; Charity, 29 Jan. 1684; John, again, 30 Aug.