Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p524


Volume 3, Page 524

1645, and was lieut. had Joseph, b. 1650; and Thomas. His w. Elizabeth
d. Dec 1657, and he rem. to Roxbury, there m. Rhoda, wid. of John
, and d. or was bur. 8 June 1667. JOHN, Haverhill and Andover,
had w Abigail, and s. Daniel, b. 18 Oct. 1661; and Hannah, 3 July
1664. JONATHAN, Cambridge, b. in Rowley 1639, perhaps s. of John
the first
, m. 13 July, 1664; Martha, d. of Andrew Belcher, had Martha,
b. 18 Feb. 1667; Jonathan, 18 Mar. 1669; both d. in Apr. 1669;
Martha again, 28 Oct. 1674; Jonathan, 27 July 1677, H. C. 1696;
Samuel, 11 July 1679, d. next yr.; Ann, 30 Jan. 1681; John, wh. d. 6
Apr. 1689; and Sarah, 10 May 1688. He was selectman, town clk.
and treasur. d. 21 Apr. 1700, and his wid. Martha d. 16 July 1711.
His s. Jonathan, one of the judges of the Sup. Ct. d. 1745, had Jonathan,
H. C. 1736, wh. d. after two yrs. THOMAS, Windsor, had Thomas, John,
and Sarah, perhaps bef. he went there perhaps from Rowley, where he
perhaps had w. Mehitable, and was freem. 1672; had Joseph, b. at
1 Sept. 1675; rem. to Suffield, there had Benjamin 1677; took o. of
alleg. 1679, with s. Thomas and John, they being then 16 yrs. old and
upwards. Thomas d. 1683, prob. unm. John m. in 1687; and Sarah
m. 1689, Peter Rose; but when the f. d. is unkn. THOMAS, Hingham,
m. Mar. 1688, Remember Stowell. Five of the name had in 1798,
been gr. at Harv. and one at Yale.

    RENDALL, JAMES, perhaps of Portsmouth 1686, m. I suppose, Martha
wid. of John Lewis, d. of William Brooking. See Randall.

    REVELL, JOHN, Salem, a merch. of London, greatly engag. in the
promot. of settlem. of Mass. Bay, by the Gov. and Comp. chos. an
Assist. 20 Oct. 1629, came in the Jewell, one of Winthrop's fleet, June
1630, but went home next mo. in the Lion. THOMAS, New London 1658,
a merch. from London at Barbadoes 1660, but liv. there 1662-66. Miss
Caulkins thinks he was proscribed at the restorat. having stood for the
Commonwealth, that he is the hermit of Braintree at a later date, called
"Tom Revel," a regicide, or holy hermit gone crazy, he and his hog enjoying
their common stye, of wh. absurd tradit. in Whitney's Hist. of
Quincy is given, that when he d. the Gov. of the Province and other
disting. men came out from Boston, and were his pall-bearers." That the
hog, being nearest relat. was chief mournere, is unaccountab. omit. Usual.
there is some slight foundation of truth, to afford appear. of support to the
wildest story; but here even that is wanting. We read the ridic. tale in
a note on p. 36. Every one knows, that there was no regicide of this name;
that no Gov. of the Prov. after 1691, could have been such a fool, nor
would any Gov. of the Col. after 1660, have shown such public honor to
a regicide; nor lastly is any such name, as Rev. W. P. Lunt, after scrutiny
of Braintree rec. assures me, to be found among d. at B.