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Volume 3, Page 441

d. soon; Jonathan, 1 Mar. 1696; Mabel, again, 23 Mar. 1700; and
Roger, 29 Oct. 1703; and three days aft. the w. d. He made his will,
1 Jan. 1734; but it was not pro. bef. 15 yrs. for he liv. to 24 Nov.
1748. � * WILLIAM, Hartford 1660, freem. 1662, was s. of Roger wh.
was of London in 1666, tho. fam. tradit. brings him from the city of
Norwich, had prob. been bread a lawyer in Eng. here first taught a sch.
was soon made Atty. for the Col. rep. 1675, treasr. 1676, m. Hannah,
only d. of Ozias Goodwin, had Roger, b. 1662; William, 1664; John;
Nathaniel; George, 1675; Ozias, 1679; Hannah; and Elizabeth 1677; all nam. in
his will, as also is br. Roger; was an Assist. sev. yrs and d. 15
Dec. 1694, aged 58; and his wid. d. 12 Feb. 1724, aged 86. His s.
George d. 23 Dec. 1702, and John in 1705 or 6, both without ch. Hannah
m. Timothy Cowles; and Elizabeth m. John Marsh, jr. He brot. from
Eng. or she follow. him, as tradit, says, sis. Martha wh. m. 17 Oct. 1661,
Simon Wolcott, was mo. of the first Gov. W. who, in the funer, sermon
upon him, is said to have never gone to any sch. but to have been solely
educat. by her at home, and aft. m. Daniel Clark. � * WILLIAM, Hartford,
s. of the preced. m. 1686, Elizabeth d. of Caleb Stanley, had Elizabeth b.
30 Aug. 1687, d. soon; Elizabeth again, 18 Aug. 1689; Martha, 28 Feb.
1692; William, 30 Apr. 1694; Joseph, 26 May 1696; Sarah, 26 Mar.
1698, d. soon; Thomas, 18 June 1700; Sarah, again, 28 Nov. 1702;
John, 18 July 1706, d. soon; John, again, 18 Dec. 1707; and Jerusha,
22 June 1710; was rep. 1696, next yr. Assist. and he d. 5 Apr. 1723,
in his will of Oct. preced. naming w. and the eight liv. ch. Nine of this
name have been gr. at Yale.

    PITMAN, oft. PITNAM, EZEKIEL, New Hampsh. 1683. JOHN, Salem,
a capt. freem. 1690, liv. in what bec. Danvers. JONATHAN, Stratford
m. 21 Nov. 1681, Temperance, elder d. of John Wells of the same, had
Jonathan, b. 4 Nov. 1682, d. soon; Jonathan, again, 21 May 1687;
Robert, 16 Oct. 1689; and Samuel, 1 Feb. 1692; and d. a. 1727.
JOSEPH, Charlestown, d. 27 Oct. 1658; says Farmer; but a doubt is
rais. whether he were not casual resid. for neither as townsman nor ch.
man does the name appear. JOSEPH, Dover, in serv. of William Tasket,
disch. by the Court, 1686, for cruelty of the master, k. by the Ind.
19 Aug. 1704. MARK, Marblehead 1674, call. 50 yrs. old, was, I suppose,
a soldier, k. next yr. 25 Aug. at Hartfield. NATHANIEL, Salem
1639, had then, says Felt, gr. of ld. He is usual. nam. Pickman,
SAMUEL, Salem 1670. THOMAS, Marblehead 1648, perhaps had s.
Thomas. Thomas, Marblehead, call, jun. aged 17 in 1669 may be the
man titled sen. in 1683 when made freem. WILLIAM, Dover, m. at
Boston, 29 Nov. 1653, Barbara Evans, had prob. that Mary wh. m. 16
Apr. 1674, Stephen Otis; and he may have liv. 1677 at Boston.