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Volume 3, Page 440

wh. d. 6 May 1700, and next m. the same yr. Alice Darby, rem. 1731 to
Concord, there d. 11 May 1752, and his wid. d. 23 Apr. 1758. Of
eight ch. Jonathan, Nathaniel, Josiah, John, Alice, Sarah, Mary, and
Joseph, the last, b. 1718, is the only one to whom date is affix, nor can
we discern by wh. w. they respectively came. NATHANIEL, Ipswich, 1665,
is thot. to have come from Darthmouth in Devonsh. his will of 7 Mar.
1676, names w. Sarah, and ch. Sarah, Nathaniel, Josiah, John, Thomas,
Mary, Margaret, Samuel, and Jonathan. * RICHARD, Haddam 1669,
was then constable, in 1674 rep. d. 3 Apr. 1678, in his will names no w.
nor ch. but gives prop. to relat. and friends.

    PIPON, JOHN, master of a ship at Salem, 1673, was prob. that capt.
in the forces to wh. Andros gave comm. at the castle. Felt I. 359.
Perhaps Andros's officer in 1687 command. at Pemaquid was Joshua.
See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 180.

    PITCHER, ANDREW, Dorchester 1634, freem. 2 June 1641, by w.
Margaret had, beside eldest s. Samuel, John, Jonathan and Nathaniel
nam. in his will, Experience, bapt. 25 Sept. 1642; Mary, 25 Nov. 1644;
Ruth, 25 July 1647; and ano. s. 18 Apr. 1652, wh. d. young, as
prob. did Mary; neither being ment. in his will; d. 19 Feb. 1661, having
made his will 4 Dec. preced. dwelt in that part wh. next yr. bec.
Milton. Experience m. Joseph Bugby of Roxbury; and Mary m. Mills.
JOHN, Bridgewater 1666, serv. of Francis Godfrey, wh. names him in
his will. NATHANIEL, Milton, s. of Andrew, m. 8 July 1684, Mary, d.
of Ezra Clap. SAMUEL, Milton, br. of the preced. was freem. 1683, and
prob. f.of Rev. Nathaniel, b. 1685, H. C. 1703, wh. d. 27 Sept.
1723, a well belov. min. of Scituate.

    PITHOUSE. See Pittice.

    PITKIN, NATHANIEL, Hartford, s. of William the first, m. Esther, d.
of Stephen Hosmer, had Nathaniel, b. 1699; Esther, 1701; Ann, 1703;
Dorothy, 1705; Hannah, 1707; and Deborah; by sec. w. Elizabeth d. of Rev. John
Whiting, had Elizabeth b. 1720; and his son Nathaniel d. 20 Feb. 1733; and his d.
Elizabeth m. Moses Porter of Hadley, and he d. 1765. OZIAS, Hartford, youngest
br. of the preced. wh. d. 30 Jan. 1747, in his will of Nov bef. names w.
Esther, s. Samuel; Ozias, b. 10 May 1710; Isaac; Daniel; and James;
ds. Abigail, w. of William Bidwell; Elizabeth w. of William Olmstead;
Mary, w. of Daniel Pratt; Hannah, w. of Asabel Olmstead; Martha, w.
of Rev. John Eels; and Ruth, then under age, as were two of the s.
The last name. d. and last three s. were ch. of the sec. w. Esther Cadwell;
but the other five ds. and two s. were of former w. who was Elizabeth
Green of Boston. ROGER, Hartford, eldest br. of the preced. m. 1683,
Hannah, d. of Caleb Stanley, had Hannah, b. 30 May 1684; Caleb, 19
July 1687; Mary, 30 Dec. 1689; Rachel, 14 Dec. 1692; Mabel 1695,