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Volume 3, Page 288

but by sec. w. m. 1656, Elizabeth d. of Philemon Pormort, had Elizabeth 2 Sept.
1657; Susanna, 26 Nov. 1659; Joseph, 8 Feb. 1664; Joshua, 3 July
1666; Mary, 22 Mar. 1669; and Isaac, 8 Mar. 1672; was freem. 1666.

    NORMAN, HUGH, Plymouth, m. 8 Oct. 1639, Mary White; rem. to
Yarmouth bef. 1643, had Elizabeth wh. was drown. 28 May 1648, aged 6
yrs.; rem. again to Barnstable. JOHN, Salem 1631, by w. Arabella
had John, b. Aug. 1637, bapt. 4 Mar. 1638; Lydia, 15 Jan. bapt. 23
Feb. 1640; Ann or Hannah, 15 Jan. bapt. 1 May 1642; Arabella, 14
Feb. bapt. Apr. 1644; Martha, May 1646; Richard, 12 Oct. 1651;
Joseph, 8 Sept. 1653, d. soon; and Joseph, again, 7 Sept. 1656; was in
1640, at Jeffrey's creek, now Manchester, of Marblehead 1648, and back
again to Salem; d. 1673, in his 60th yr. and his wid. d. 1679. His d.
Arabella, m. Sept. 1664, John Baldwin. JOHN, Salem, prob. s. of the
m. 17 Nov. 1663, Mary, eldest d. of George Ropes, had John,
b. 19 Nov. 1664, d. at 3 days; John, again, 12 Dec. 1666; Mary, 14 Feb.
1669; Richard, 20 Feb. 1674; and Abigail, 10 July 1677. JOHN, Salem, s. of
Richard, m. Abigail, d. of George Ropes, had, perhaps, by a farmer w. John,
b. a. 1660, and prob. is the man wh. was tak. in the Dutch war, 1667. He
d. 6 May 1713, aged 76, says the rec. and his wid. Mary, I
suppose d. 2 Oct. 1713, aged 67. Ano. JOHN, perhaps gr.s. of the first
John, m. Sarah, youngest d. of Moses Maverick. RICHARD, Salem,
perhaps br. of John the first, came in 1626, as Felt thinks, prob. from
Dorchester in Eng. with s. Richard, to ea. of wh. he assigns that yr.
but John, wh. was elder, may have been left in Eng. Farmer thinks
he had also William, liv. at Marblehead 1648; and says the elder Richard
d. 1683, tho. it may seem as prob. that it was the s. of that name,
who he says was b. 1623, and liv. 1672 at Marblehead. It seems to
me, that the elder d. prob. bef. this last date, and that sec. RICHARD
was the freem. of 1680. He m. 13 Jan. 1675, Elizabeth d. of Henry Bullock.
SAMUEL, Barnstable, perhaps s. of Hugh, m. Nov. 1697, by Mr.
Hamblin's extr. from the rec. wid. Casley, but of wh. she was wid.
is not kn. THOMAS, Boston 1674, prob. rem. to Topsfield, where he
was liv. when made freem. 1681. TIMOTHY, Salem, had Mary, b. 10
Nov. 1694.

    NORRIS, EDWARD, Salem, fourth min. at that ch. ord. 18 Mar. 1640,
had join. the Boston ch. 21 July 1639, as did next mo. his w. Elinor;
yet his d. Mary unit. with the ch. of Roxbury soon aft.; freem. 13 May
1640; d. as Farmer has it, 10 Apr. 1659, aged a. 70; but 23 Dec. on more
prob. auth. of John Hull, who calls the age a. "fourscore." His will, of
9 Dec. 1657, was pro. 27 June 1660. Mather includes him in his first
classis, yet omits his name of bapt. He was ord. by a Bp. we may be
sure in the last days of Elizabeth or first of James, but we have no report
of his cure. EDWARD, Salem, 1639, s. of the preced. sch.master
1640 to 1676, d. 1684, in 70th yr.; by w. Dorothy had Edward,
bapt. 18 Oct. 1657; and Elizabeth; perhaps more, but these outliv. him.
EDWARD, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 3 Dec. 1685, Mary Symonds,
prob. d. of James, had Mary, b. 14 Apr. 1687; and perpet. the name,
the eighth Edward being recent. an active man. NICHOLAS, Exeter