Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p289

Volume 3, Page 289

1666, of wh. I kn. nothing, but that he took, 30 Nov. 1677, the o. of
alleg. and in 1690, desir. jurisdict. of Mass.

    NORTH, JAMES, Northampton 1677, s. of John, m. Sarah Smith,
d. 25 July 1689, leav. ch. Sarah, b. 1679; and Mary, 1687. His wid. d.
1727. JOHN, Farmington, an early sett. prob. he who came 1635, aged
20, in the Susan and Ellen, to Boston, was freem. of Conn. 1657; had
Thomas; John, b. a. 1641; Samuel and Mary, tw. 1643, but one acco.
makes Mary 2 yrs. later than Samuel; James, 1647; Sarah, bapt. 18 Dec.
1653; Nathaniel, 29 June 1656; Lydia, 9 May 1658; and Joseph, 18 Mar.
1660; d. late in 1691, or early in 1692, his inv. being of 12 Feb. in this
yr. Mary m. John Searle; and Sarah m. the sec. Matthew Woodruff of
Farmington. JOHN, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. m. 1672, Susanna,
eldest d. of Robert Francis, d. 1682, leav. John, aged 10, Mary, 8; Susanna,
6; and Sarah, 4. Miss Caulkins gives reason for presuming he practis. physic,
in 1662, at New London. JOSEPH, Farmington 1690, s. of the first John,
d. 1731, without issue. But his wid. Martha, d. of Thomas Porter, m. John
Porter, as sec. w. RICHARD, Salisbury 1640, one of the first proprs.
freem. 2 June 1641; rem. to Salem, there made his will 1649, in wh. w.
Ursula, ch. Mary, Sarah, wh. m. an Oldham, and Susanna, are ment.
Mary was w. of Thomas Jones of Gloucester, and d. 4 Feb. 1682, as
his wid.; and Susanna, of George Martin of S. SAMUEL, Farmington,
s. of the first John, d. 1682, leav. John, m. 3 Jan. 1667, Hannah,
d. of John Norton, aged 13; Samuel, 10; Thomas, 8; and Hannah, 4.
THOMAS, New Haven 1644, had by w. Mary, d. of Walter Price
of Newington Butts, near London, wh. had been wid. of Philip
of Holborn, three ch. Thomas, b. 30 June 1650;
John, 13 Mar. 1652; and Bathshua, 25 Dec. 1654. She outliv.
him, and m. Thomas Dunck of Saybrook, and d. in Eng. whither
she went 1670, to recover est. descend. to her, leav. D. to get ano.
w. bef. 10 July 1677. THOMAS, Farmington, m. Hannah, d. of
Thomas Newall, had John, Thomas, Hannah, Nathaniel, Mary, Joseph,
and Rebecca, tw. bapt. 31 Dec. 1693; Lydia, 1 Mar. 1696; Sarah, and
Ebenezer. THOMAS, Hadley 1678, took o. of alleg. 8 Feb. next.

    NORTHAM, JAMES, Hartford 1655, may have been, 10 yrs. bef. at
Wethersfield, freem. 1658, was engag. next yr. with the seceders, who
would rem. to Hadley, but he was not able to fulfil his design, and d.
bef. 1662. He m. wid. Isabel Catlin, had only Samuel, yet it may be he
was by a former w. His wid. rem. to New Jersey, but aft. to Hadley,
where she m. Joseph Baldwin. SAMUEL, Hatfield 1674, s. of the
m. that yr. Mary, d. of John Dickinson, had Samuel, b. 4 May
1675; Mary, 7 Jan. 1677; Elizabeth 1 Apr. 1680; and Jonathan, 18 May
1682; rem. to Deerfield, but in 1715, with s. Jonathan, was of Colchester,
where he d.

    NORTHCUT, WILLIAM, Yarmouth 1643, then able to bear arms, may
have been f. of bef. ment. W. Norcut; but in my guess, was the same

    NORTHEND, EZEKIEL, Rowley 1645; was b. a. 1622, m. Edna, wid.
of Richard Bailey, had beside four ds. John, b. 1658; and Ezekiel,
1666; was selectman 1691. His d. Elizabeth m. Humphrey Hobson, and