Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p287


Volume 3, Page 287

1641, freem. 10 May 1643, was, Bond says, that s. of the first Jeremiah,
b. in Eng. bred at Catharine Hall in the Univ. of Cambridge, where he
had his A. B. 1636-7, liv. 1647 at Watertown, and prob. preach. a
little, hav. declin. the request of the first sett. of Lancaster, two or three
yrs. bef. and prob. went back to Eng. to exercise his faculties, may have
had a ch. at Walsingham, in Norf'k. whence, says Calamy, he was eject.
at the great day of triumph aft. the restorat. Winthrop II. 161. NATHANIEL,
Watertown, s. of Richard the first, m. 20 June 1687, Mehitable,
d. of William Hagar, had Mehitable, b. 4 Feb. 1691. His w. d. 5 Apr.
foll. and by sec. w. Susanna, d. of Philip Shattuck, of course gr.d. of
his mo.-in-law, he had Nathaniel, 20 Dec. 1695; Philip, 5 Mar. 1698;
and Susanna, 26 Feb. 1701. He d. perhaps bef. his f. RICHARD,
Watertown, s. of Jeremiah, b. in Eng. a. 1621, m. 24 June 1650, Mary
, had Mary, b. 27 Aug. 1652, who d. 19 Oct. 1661; Jeremiah, 3
Mar. 1655; Sarah, 28 Dec. 1657, Richard, 4 Aug. 1660; Mary, again,
10 July 1663; Nathaniel, 18 Dec. 1665; and Samuel, 4 May 1671;
was freem. 1652, but Bond calls the yr. 1653, taught a town sch. says
Bond, 49 yrs. at least. His w. d. 24 Feb. 1672; and he m. 18 Nov.
1673, Susanna, wid. of William Shattuck, who d. 11 Dec. 1686, and he
had 3d w. Mary, and d. 1709. His will ment. s. Richard, Samuel, and
Jeremiah, d. Mary, unm. and 6 ch. of his dec. d. Sarah. Sarah m. 23
Sept. 1680, Joseph Child; and Mary m. 2 Apr. 1713, John Stearns as
sec w. Richard, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 10 Aug. 1686, Rose,
d. of the first John Woodward, had Richard, b. 30 Dec. 1687; Samuel,
14 Oct. 1689; and Abigail, 11 July 1692. By sec. w. m. 6 Aug.
1695, Hannah Sanders, he had John, 28 Dec. 1696; Hannah, 16 Feb.
1699; Joseph, 1 July 1701; Jeremiah, 2 July 1703; George, 22 Aug.
1705; Rose, or Ruth, 20 Mar. 1708; Petel, 28 Sept 1710; and William,
14 Mar. 1715. He was sch.master, like his f. and like him, liv. to
good old age.

    NORCUT or NORCOTT, DANIEL, Boston, sail. in the Pied Cow, 1635,
for Eng. and bec. she was not heard of next yr. admin. of his est. was
giv. to John Coggan, who prob. was a creditor, Jan. 1637. WILLIAM,
Marshfield, m. Sarah Chapman, had William, b. 20 Feb. 1663; John, 1
Aug. 1664; Thomas, 1 June 1670; Ralph, 5 Oct. 1673; Isaac, 10 June
1675; Ephraim, 4 Nov. 1683; and Ebenezer, 1 Mar. 1691; beside
four or five ds.; and d. 18 Sept. 1693. Possib. he was of Boston 1650,
to witness the will of Robert Saltonstall.

    NORDEN, NATHANIEL, Marblehead, a capt. and freem. 1690, also
rep. same yr. and the former. * SAMUEL, Boston, shoemaker, perhaps br.
of the preced. by w. Joanna, had Samuel, b. 8 Nov. 1651; Nathaniel,
27 Nov 1653; and Benjamin, 15 June 1656; and his w. d. 29 June;