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Volume 3, Page 2

seems ill to have repaid the pious care of her gr.f. and a. 30 June 1704.
Her gr.f. took care, that her mo. "Sarah Dudley, now Sarah Pacey, may
have no part" of the prop. thus giv. to the d. The unhappy w. of K.
d. Nov. 1659. See Winthrop I. 314 and II. 4. JOHN, Hingham, d. 14
Jan. 1650, of wh. no more is kn. but that his name appears sometimes
Cane. ROBERT, Boston, merch. of the Merch. Taylors' comp. of
London, came in the Defence, 1635, aged 40, with w. Ann, 38; and s.
Benjamin, 16; perhaps, however, some of these yrs. are designedly
wrong. In 1624 he had been one of the Undertakers, wh. encourag. the
Plymouth Pilgrims, and of his pub. spirit no doubt can be felt by any
wh. reads his will, begun 1 Aug. 1653, and for some yrs. extend. of h.
a very short abstr. is seen in Geneal. Reg. VI. 89 and 152. He was
freem. 25 May 1636, rep. 1638 and 9, one of the found. of ar. co. hav.
been "train. up in milit. discip. from his younger yrs." in London Artill.;
d. 23 Mar. 1656, and his wid. m. 16 Oct. 1660, Samuel Cole. WILLIAM,
Boston, had w. Agnes, wh. join. the ch. 31 May 1646.

    KEBY, or KEBBY. See Kibby.

    KEDALL, KEDELL or KEEDELL, is a strange name of two maids that
m. very reput. at Watertown, viz. Mary, 11 Jan. 1655, Thomas Whitney;
and Bethia, 3 Nov. 1666, Theophilus Phillips; and long and large inq.
has been foil. as to their origin.

    KEDEN, BENJAMIN, Boston 1661, serv. of Rice Jones.

    KEELER, JOHN, Norwalk, s. of Ralph, m. 18 June 1678, Mehitable,
d. of John Rockwell, had Elizabeth b. 19 Mar. 1679; John, 26 Dec. 1682;
and, perhaps, others; was rep. 1698. RALPH, Hartford, had a lot in
1640, tho. not orig. propr. there had Rebecca, b. 9 Feb. 1651; and Elizabeth
wh. may have been b. at Norwalk; beside an elder d. wh. m. Thomas
Moorhouse, wh. was not nam. in the will of 20 Aug. 1672, when he
calls his age 59 yrs. and the Ct. of pro. correct. the oversight in her
favor. With the first sett. of Norwalk he plant. there, was freem. 1668,
had John, Ralph, Samuel, and Jonah, wh. d. 1676; and d. 1672, betw.
20 Aug. and 10 Sept. He had m. Sarah, wid. of Henry Whelpley.
RALPH, Norwalk, perhaps the eldest s. of the preced. freem. 1675, had
Sarah, wh. m. 7 Dec. 1702, Nathan Olmstead, as may be guess. from
Hall, 194. Prob. he had other ch. SAMUEL, Norwalk, br. of the
preced. was in the gr. Narragansett fight, 19 Dec. 1675, m. 10 Mar.
1682, Sarah, d. of Mark Sension, or St. John, had Samuel; and prob.
more; was rep. 1701. WALTER, Norwalk 1651, perhaps a nonentity.

    KEELEY or KEILEY, EDWARD, New Haven, a propr. in 1685,
may be he, wh. came from London, 1635, in the Hopewell, Capt.
Bundocke, aged 14. In his will, of 27 Sept. 1690, is nam. no w.
nor ch. but legacies of his small prop. are seen to Nathan Andrews
and two others.

    KEEN or KEAN, ARTHUR, Boston, d. Mar. or Apr. 1687, his will
being of 21 Mar. in that yr. pro. 14 Apr. foll. It ment. w. Jane, to wh.