Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p17

Volume 3, Page 17

1645, in her own right, when the girl is call. a. 4 yrs. and 7 mos. and the
boy 2 yrs. and 5 wks.; Timothy, bapt. 15 Feb. 1646, a. 5 days old, at
Boston, where he was merch. and shipmaster, act. that yr. in both
capacit. on the detesta. voyage to Africa for steal. nat. See Winthrop II.
243, 379.

    KIBBY, KIBBE or KIBBEE, ARTHUR, Salem, fisherman, or mariner,
by w. Abigail, d. of William Ager of the same, had Abigail, b. 4 Jan.
1659; Arthur, 6 Jan. 1661; William, wh. d. 14 Sept. 1661; and, perhaps,
tw. Mary; tho. she is not on town rec. yet the rec. of ch. has "Mary, William,
Abigail, wh. d. 3 Oct. 1662, and Arthur, childr. of Abigail Kippins, bapt.
13 Apr. 1662;" but, perhaps, the name of this last ch. may be on the town rec.
Elizabeth Other ch. were Elizabeth 12 May 1662, Joseph, also on both rec. the town for b.
mark. 23 Feb. but not the yr. and the ch. for bapt. giv. 23 May 1666; and the
same has Hannah, 23 Aug. 1668, while that of the town has among b.
Hannah, 28 June 1669; Sarah, 31 May 1670; and Jerusha, 19 Apr.
1672. Errors are easi. found in rec. of the elder days; but it is not
necessary in this case to charge wrong on either town or ch. He prob.
d. early in 1685, for his inv. is of 29 June. EDWARD, Boston 1645, a
sawyer, liv. at Muddy riv. had Reuben, bapt. 30 June 1653; and Elizabeth b.
27 Jan. bapt. 4 Mar. 1655, both at Roxbury, in right of their mo. Mary,
a sis. of the ch. at B. wh. she join. 29 Nov. 1645, says the rec. and had
bapt. on 30th James, a. 32 yrs. old, and Elisha, a. 10 mos. 10 days.
Morse adds to these four more, as, prob. Joshua; Rebecca, 1 May 1657;
Edward; and, perhaps, Hannah. His wid. Grizzle had admin. 15 Aug.
1661. One Rachel K. d. at Dorchester 16 July 1657. ELISHA, Salem,
m. 12 Dec. 1667, Rachel Cook, had John, b. 1 Feb. 1668; Edward, 2 Feb.
1670; Elisha, 28 Mar. 1673, d. young; and James, 27 Dec. 1675; rem. to
Enfield 1682, then pt. of Springfield, had Isaac, the first male ch. in E.
b. 21 Mar. 1683; and Rachel, 17 Apr. 1688; and he may have had
others bef. He d. 3 Apr. 1735, and tradit. with its aptness to exagger.
made him 97; but, in 1693, he calls hims. a. "48 yrs." Perhaps he was
s. of the preced. or of the foll. HENRY, Dorchester, tailor, freem. 18
May 1642, ar. co. 1644, d. 10 July or Aug. 1661. JAMES, Dorchester,
s. of Edward, rem. to Cambridge, by w. Hannah had Mary, b. 1668;
Ann, 1670; James, 1674; and Elizabeth b. 13, bapt. 14 Aug. 1681. But
this last was by sec. w. Sarah, d. of Andrew Stephenson, m. 23 Oct.
1679 as wid. of John Lowden. JOSEPH, Salem, m. Abigail, d. of William
Anger. JOSHUA, Sherborn, by Morse, the autocrat of S. regard.
as s. of Edward, m. 24 May 1688, at Woburn, Mary Comy, d. of David,
had Edward; Sarah, b. 1708; and Joshua, 2 June 1712. His w. d. 9
July foll. and he d. 1731. WILLIAM, Hull 1642.

    KIDBY, JOHN, Duxbury 1640. LEWIS, Boston 1640, fisherman.