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Volume 3, Page 1

    KATES. See Cates.

    KATHERICK. See Carthrick.

    KEAIS, SAMUEL, New Hampsh. m. 4 Feb. 1696, Mary, wid. of John
Hoddy, had Samuel, b. 11 Apr. 1697; and William, 27 Aug. 1699.

    KEATS, RICHARD, Boston 1677, bricklayer.

    KEAYNE, BENJAMIN, Boston 1638, only s. of Robert, b. in London,
came with his f. when his age was rat. perhaps two or more yrs. too low,
freem. 6 Sept. 1639, ar. co. 1638, m. bef. 9 June 1639, Sarah, d. of Gov.
Thomas Dudley, had only ch. Ann; liv. some short time at Lynn, was
a maj. went home, in disgust with his w. a 1645, and repud. her; d.
1668. She had been disciplin. Nov. 1646 for irreg. prophesy. and was
excom. in Oct. 1647, and sadly degrad. but was made the w. of one
Pacey. Ann, wh. was well provid. for in will of gr.f. K. mak. the
chief gent. here to assist his w. "to dispose of her for her future educ.
unto some such wise and godly mistress or fam. where she may have her
carnal disposition most of all subdu. and reform. by strict discipline;
and also that they would show like care and assist. in seasona. time to
provide some fit and godly match, proportiona. to her est. and condit.
that she may live comforta. and be fit to do good in her place, and not to
suffer her to be circumvent. or to cast away hers. upon some swagger.
gent. or other, that will look more after the enjoy. what she hath, than
live in the fear of God, and true love to her," m. 11 Dec. 1657, Edward
Lane, a merch. from London, and, next, to Nicholas Paige; but she