Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p348


Volume 1, Page 348

Jan. 1654, but by w. Mary had Lydia, b. 22 Jan. 1655. It may be

    CASTLE, HENRY, Woodbury 1682, then resid. with Henry, jr. perhaps
his s. and d. 2 Feb. 1698, being the first d. on rec. there, but to find wh.
as his f. would be more agreea. to us. MATTHEW, Charlestown, m. 4
Aug. 1687, Mary Stowers. WILLIAM, Boston 1673, mariner.

    CASWELL, CASEWELL or CASSELL, JOHN, Taunton, prob. s. of
Thomas, m. 26 Nov. 1689, Elizabeth Hall. STEPHEN, Taunton, eldest s. of
Thomas, m. 29 Dec. 1672, Hannah, d. perhaps of Christopher Thrasher,
had Stephen, b. 11 Dec. foll.; Joseph, 18 May 1678; and perhaps
others. THOMAS, Taunton, had Stephen, b. 15 Feb. 1649; Thomas, 22
Feb. 1651; Peter, 31 Oct. 1652; Mary, 31 Aug. 1654, wh. m. 15 Aug
1676, Israel Thrasher; John, 31 July 1656; Sarah, 30 Nov. 1658, wh.
m. 3 July 1677, William Hoskins; William, 15 Sept. 1660; Samuel, 26
Jan. 1663; Elizabeth 10 Jan. 1665, m. 1 June 1685, Uriah Leonard;
Abigail, 27 Oct. 1666; and Esther, 4 June 1669.

    CATCHAM, or CATCHEM. See Ketcham.

    CATE, EDWARD, Portsmouth, was of the gr. jury 1684. JAMES,
Portsmouth 1665, d. a. 1677, may have been f. or br. of the preced.
JOHN, and WILLIAM, of New Hampsh. 1689, favor. jurisdict. of Mass.

    CATER, RICHARD, Dover 1650, had Richard, and d. a. 1690. RICHARD,
Dover, s. of the preced. d. 15 June 1703.

    CATES, JOHN, Windham, perhaps bef. 1686, but the time or cause of
his com. to our country, is equal. unkn. There was a report, that he
came from Virg. and possib. he was that passeng. from London in the sh.
Safety 1635. Much idle conject. has been expend. on the reason of his
withdr. from society, and liv. some time in a cave; and among the most
absurd is, that he was a regicide. Perhaps he was only a misanthrop.
humorist, perhaps had been a buccanier, and thot. seclusion his safest
course. See Hinman. He built, 1689, the first ho. in the town, left ch.
in Eng. as his will, 5 May 1696, shows. In it he gave ld. for a sch.
more for the poor of W. and money, not (as popul. report was) plate to
the ch. and d. 16 July, tho. his inv. appears 11th 1697. See Trumbull's
Hist. 408. The name of this stranger is oft. Kates.

    CATLIN or CATLING, JOHN, Hartford, s. of Thomas, m. 27 July
1665, Mary Marshall, had Mary, b. 10 July 1666; Samuel, 4 Nov. 1672,
John, 27 Apr. 1676; Thomas, 27 Aug. 1678; and Benjamin, 1 Feb.
1681. Hinman, 123, 203, 58. By Porter I feel able to add, Jonathan,
1683, and Hannah, 1685. JOHN, Boston, came from Barbados, was
only trans. visit. call. hims. writ.-master, in his will, made on board the
Pink Mary, in Cape Cod harb. 21 Dec. 1685, pro. at B. 4 Jan. foll.
After small gifts to the capt. of the vessel, and two fellow-passeng. he
dispos. the cargo to his only s. Charles, and made Thomas Palmer excor.
JOHN, Deerfield, came from Newark, N. J. bef. 1684, with his mo.