Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p349


Volume 1, Page 349

Isabel, but they had some yrs. bef. gone thither from Conn. of course.
The bapt. name of her first h. is unkn. for sec. she m. James Northam
of Wethersfield, wh. d. 1662, and she rem. and had third h. Joseph
Baldwin of Hadley. Catlin, the name of whose w. is not kn. had John, b.
1663, Joseph, Jonathan, and four or five ds. of wh. Elizabeth m. James Corse.
She with her br. Joseph (wh. left s. John), and Jonathan, and the f. were all
k. by the Ind. and Fr. in the assault, 29 Feb. 1704. Yet the name is kept up
in the vicin. PHILIP, Lynn, had w. Alice, wh. m. 1659 or 60, Evan Thomas
of Boston, is better spell. Kirtland, wh. see PHILIP, a soldier at Hadley 7
Apr. 1676. SAMUEL, Hartford, s. of John, m. 5 Jan. 1703, Elizabeth Norton
of Farmington. THOMAS, Hartford, had Mary, bapt. 29 Nov. 1646,
d. soon; John, bef. ment. and Mary, again, bapt. 6 May 1649; was constable
1662, oft. selectman, and Hinman, 18 and 123 ready to call him
anc. of all of the name in Conll. d. 1690, aged a. 78.

    CATTELL, JOHN, Hartford 1643, d. next yr. leav. wid.

youngest s. of Hugh, m. Mary, d. of Thomas Bliss of Norwich, had
David, b. 5 July 1674; Ann, 8 Nov. 1676; Jonathan, 9 Jan. 1679;
Peter, 9 Oct. 1651, d. young; beside John, Mary, Joseph, and Lydia,
most or all of wh. may have been b. earlier, as neither is seen in the
town rec. had the est. of his f. in that pt. of New London, now, nam.
Waterford, and d. 25 Nov. 17. From him descends the modest and
dilig. hist. of Norwich and New London. HUGH, Gloucester; prob. a
Welchman, came with Rev. Richard Blinman, and first sat down, 1640,
at Marshfield, rem. next yr. to Lynn, perhaps only for short season, was
freem. 27 Dec. 1642, when he was of G. selectman. 1643-8, rep. 1650-2
but rem. to New London bef. begin. to serve under this last elect. and
was selectman and rep. half the yrs. of his resid. there, and town clk. for
all, rem. 1662 to Norwich, and was the first deac. on organiz. the ch.
rep. also for this town 1663 and 4, and d. 1690, aged 90. From Eng.
he brot. w. Ann, and sev. ch. as John, Sarah, and Mary, possib. more,
and had b. at G. David; Deborah, 18 Mar. 1645; and Rebecca, wh. d.
14 Mar. 1651; perhaps more at the same. Sarah m. 28 Oct. 1645,
William Hough; Mary m. 8 Nov. 1649, Hugh Roberts; and Deborah
m. June 1660, Jonathan Royce, or Rice. HUGH, Norwich, eldest s. of
John, m. May 1689, Sarah, d. of Thomas Sluman, wh. d. 1703, had
Hugh, b. 1690; Ann, 1692, Elizabeth 1694; Joshua, 1699; Stephen, 1700;
and Daniel, 1702. JOHN, New London 1657, Norwich 1660, eldest s. of
the first Hugh, b. in Eng. m. Sarah, d. of Robert Royce of N. L.
had Hugh, b. June 1659; John, July 1661, the third male b. the
town; Samuel, Oct. 1663; Sarah, June 1666; Daniel, 1667, d. soon;
Mary, May 1669; Elizabeth Apr. 1673; and Ann, Aug. 1678; and he d. 8
Jan. 1703; and his wid. d. May 1711. Sarah m. 1684, Thomas