Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p190


Volume 3, Page 190

Sept. 1728; Sarah, Nov. 1730, Hezekiah, Oct 1732; and Eunice, 9
Aug. 1740. TIMOTHY, Stratford, br. of the preced. m. Aug. 1736, Abigail,
d. of John Hurd, had Ruth, b. Sept. 1737; Ephraim, Dec. 1739;
Abijah, Sept. 1742; Phebe, Apr. 1745; Ann, July 1747; perhaps William,
said to have been lost at sea; George, June 1752; and Charity,
Nov. 1754; and he d. Feb. 1788.

    MEACHAM, ISAAC, Enfield, weaver, s. prob. of Jeremiah the first, liv.
many yrs. at Salem, m. 28 Dec. 1669, wid. Deborah Perkins, d. of Thomas
, had Deborah, b. 15 Dec. 1670, d. next yr.; Isaac, 13 Nov. 1672;
Jeremiah, 3 Nov. 1674, Israel, 28 Sept. 1676, wh. both d. without ch.;
Ebenezer, 21 Feb. 1678; Ichabod, 11 Aug. 1679; Deborah, again, 8 Apr.
1681; and John, 11 June 1682. He rem. next yr. from S. and at E.
had Mary, 1684; Joseph, 18 Feb. 1686, H. C. 1710, the first min. of
Coventry 1713; and Benjamin, 1687; and d. 1692. JEREMIAH, Salem
1660, a fuller, m. Deborah, d. of John Brown of Watertown,[1] had prob.
Isaac, and Jeremiah, beside ds. Rhoda, wh. m. a West, and d. bef. her f.
leav. Samuel; Sarah, wh. m. 4 Feb. 1668, Joseph Boyce or Boyes;
Hannah, wh. m. 6 or 16 Feb. 1668, William Gill; Bethia, wh. m. Sept.
1672, George Hacker; and perhaps, Rebecca, wh. m. 27 Jan. 1675,
John Macarty. He d. 1695, aged 81, and his will was pro. 12 Apr.
of that yr. JEREMIAH, Salem, s. of the preced.[2] m. 3 Jan. 1673, Mary
, d. of Henry, had Jeremiah, b. 21 Dec. 1673. Perhaps he rem. to
Windham, and d. there 14 Apr. 1743, aged 99. His will, of 31 Dec. 1729,
names w. Deborah, ch. Daniel, John, James, Joseph, and gr.s. John.
JOHN, Salem, m. 28 May 1697, Mary, d. of William Cash.

    MEADE, MEADES or MEDE, DAVID, Cambridge, vill. perhaps s. of
Gabriel, m. at Watertown, 24 Sept. 1675, Hannah Warren, perhaps d.
of David,
[3] had Hannah, b. 17 Sept. 1676; and David, 1678; rem. to
Billeriea, freem. 1683; rem. to Woburn, there had John, 14 Aug. 1685,
Sarah, 24 Oct. 1688; Susanna, 11 Oct. 1690; and. perhaps, rem. again.
Hannah m. 14 Oct 1701, Ebenezer Locke. GABRIEL, Dorchester,
freem. 2 May 1638, d. 12 May 1666, in 79th yr. as was supos. His
will, of 18 Jan. 1654, pro. 17 July 1667, names w. Johanna, b. prob.
was a sec. w. s. David, and four ds. Lydia, Experience, Sarah, and
Patience. Lydia m. l9 Oct. 1652, James Burgess; Experience m. 4
Dec. 1663, Jabez Heaton; Sarah m. 30 Nov. 1664, Samuel Eddy; and
Patience m. 28 Apr. 1669, Matthias Evans, all, I think, of Boston. He
had also s. not nam. in the will, Israel, b. 1639, wh. liv. at Watertown,
some yrs. but rem. to D. in Aug. 1674, and, perhaps, later to Woburn.
ISRAEL, Woburn, prob. s. of the preced. m. 26 Feb. 1662, Mary, d. of
wid. Mary Hall, had Margaret, b. 20 Jan. 1676; Mary, 10 Feb. 1682;
Ruth, 10 Aug 1684; Ebenezer, 10 May 1686, and, perhaps, some
earlier. Magaret m. Joseph Locke, as sec. w. JAMES, Wrentham, by
Judith had Grace, b. 11 Dec. 1692; and James, 9 Oct. 1694; and