Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p189


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Volume 3, Page 189

John Davis, had Hannah, b. 4 Apr. 1700; Mary, 22 Oct. 1702, d. at
16 yrs.; Sarah, 30 May 1705; Elizabeth 22 Sept. 1707; John, 17 Sept.
1709; Rebecca, 21 Oct. 1711; Thomas, 23 Sept. 1713; Abigail, Sept.
1715; Joseph, 13 June 1717, d. within 4 wks.; Mary, again, 20 Feb.
1719; Joseph, again, 28 Feb. 1721; and Mehitable, 12 Apr. 1724; and
he d. 26 May 1750. WILLIAM, Eastham, s. of the sec. John of the
, d. 1691, and his wid. d. next yr.; had, as Hamblen thinks,
Thankful and Mercy.

    MAYSANT, WILLIAM, Branford 1646 and 8, then own. ld. prob. rem.
for no more is kn.

    MAZURE or MAZURYE, BENJAMIN, Salem, m. 23 Oct. 1676, Margaret
Row, had Benjamin, b. 6 July 1679. JOSEPH, Salem, prob. br. of the preced.
m. 25 Mar. 1680, Sarah, d. of John Pickworth, had Joseph, b. 25 Mar. 1681;
Abigail, June 1683; Nathaniel, 23 Feb. 1687; Benjamin, 10 Nov. 1689.
LAWRENCE, Salem, prob. br. of the preced. m. 25 Oct. 1670, Mary
Kebbin, prob. the same as Kibby, had Mary, b. 15 Feb. 1673. I suppose
in mod. days the spell. is Masury.

    MCDONALD, JOHN, Boston 1657.

    MCDOUGALL, ALISTER, Boston 1658.

youngest s. of Robert m. Jan. 1737, Martha, d. of Samuel Picket, had
Mary, b. Apr. 1738; Robert, June 1743; Sarah, Apr. 1747; and Samuel,
Dec. 1749. JOHN, Stratford, eldest br. of the preced. m. Oct. 1727,
Rebecca, d. of Daniel Picket, had EIiz. b. Mar. 1729, Daniel, Nov.
1730, wh. d. unm.; Nathan, Feb. 1733, d. at 5 yrs.; Rebecca, Sept.
1737, d. next yr.; Nathan, again, Nov. 1740; and John, Feb. 1745.
The two youngest s. were m. ROBERT, Stratford 1686, a scotchman,
came in the Henry and Francis, a sh. of 350 tons, charter. by the laird
of Pitlochie, as Whitehead, in Hist. of Perth Amboy tells, or in the
Caledonia (by ano. rep.) a man of war of 50 guns, to transport covenanters
releas. from the tolbooths of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Sterling,
on condition of transporta. to the colonies. No little of history
interest attaches to this colony that land. their precious freight. at Perth
Amboy. McEwen hims. wh. by tradit. is deriv. from Dumfries, explains:
"In June 18, 1679, I was in an engagem. in Scotland, at Bothwell
brigg, then of the age of 18 yrs. The 5th of Sept. 1685 we set
sail to come to America, and land. at Amboy 18 Dec. and 18 Feb. foll.
I came to Stratford." Here he was a tailor, made leather breeches for
men, stays and mantys for women; and he says he m. 20 June 1695,
Sarah Wilcockson, d. of Timothy, as the rec. says, noting the m. of 2
June, and of b. of two first ch. his own writ. agrees very near. with
John, 20 or 23 Sept. 1697; and Elizabeth wh. he calls Betty, 7 Nov. 1699.
Other ch. were Robert, 7 Mar. 1702; Sarah, 5 Nov. 1704; Timothy,
11, bapt. 27 Apr. 1707; and Gershom, b. 7 Apr. 1711; and the f. d.
Feb. 1740. Of fellow-passeng. I presume very few (I hear with
certain. of only one, came to N. E. and concur. reports say more than
one third d. on the voyage to N. J. Not a few, Whitehead says, went
back to Scotland, prob. aft. the revo. of 1688. ROBERT, Stratford, s. of
the preced. m. Aug. 7, Mary, d. of Abel Birdsey, had Comfort, b.