Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p124


Volume 3, Page 124

was a capt. of a small vessel, coasting in the neighbor seas, from wh.
perhaps, Lovell's isl. in Boston harb. got its name. Harris, 62; Winthrop
174. WILLIAM, Barnstable, s. of John, m. 24 Sept. 1693, Mehitable,
a. prob. of Jabez Lombard, had Elizabeth b. Aug. 1694; Jerusha, Sept.
1696; Elinor, 10 Sept. 1698, perhaps d. young; Abia, 12 Sept. 1700;
Beulah, 7 Feb. 1704; and Eleanor, 17 May 1707. He d. 21 Apr.
1753, in 90th yr. of this name, eight had, in 1829, been gr. at Harv.
and two at other N. E. coll.

    LOVERING, JOHN, Watertown, freem. 25 May 1636, was from Ded.
ham, Co. Essex, a selectman 1636 and 7, d. early, made a nuncup. will
9 Nov. but of what yr. is uncert from the abstr. of it in Geneal. Reg.
III. 79, in wh. he gave all his prop. to his w. but said, also, that, aft. her,
£100 should be giv. to his br. that had childr. and £20 to the ch. Who
that br. was, or whether he was on this side of the sea, is unkn. Barry
says, and Bond confirms, that his wid. Ann, in 1644, m. Rev. Edmund
Brown of Sudbury. JOHN, Dover 1657, had prob. liv. bef. at Ipswich,
was drown. 1668 or 9, leav. sev. young ch. His wid. who had, perhaps,
been wid. of Valentine Hill, m. Ezekiel Knight, and d. bef. 29 June
1675. Descend. are in that neighb. MARK, Salem 1668. THOMAS,
Watertown, s. of William in Oldham, Co. Suff'k. came a. 1663, had
w. Ann, but no ch. His will, of 13 Aug. 1692, was pro.
27 Feb. foll. and his br. Daniel, aft. d. of w. claim. the est.

    LOVETT, ALEXANDER, Medfield 1678, had his ho. burn. by the lnd.
DANIEL, Braintree 1662, m. Joanna, d. of Robert Blott, Mendon
with early sett. was freem. 1673; but at B. had, prob. all his ch. James,
b. 8 July 1648; Mary, 7 Mar. 1652; Martha, 7 June 1654; Hannah,
30 Mar. 1656; perhaps others, but his w. perhaps, was d. bef. the will
of her f. in 1662. JOHN, Salem 1639, had that yr. gr. of ld. by. w. Mary
had there bapt. Simon, Joseph, and Mary, on 8 Sept. 1650, his w. unit.
that yr. with the ch.; Bethia, 13 June 1652; and Abigail, Mar. 1655, wh. d.
under 5 yrs.; prob. also, John, perhaps others, for the name has much prevail.
there; dwelt on Beverly side, d. 5 Nov. 1687, in 76th yr. JOHN, Mendon,
perhaps s. of Daniel, d. 26 July 1668. THOMAS, Boston 1645,
own. a lot, bounding on Christopher Lawson, look. prob. to the common.

    LOVEWELL, JOHN, Boston 1660, of wh. we kn. nothing exc. that he
was witness that yr. to will of Thomas Rawlins. JOHN, Dunstable
1690, had John, b. 14 Oct. 1691, more celebr. than any youth of his
time, for serv. and sagac. in Ind. warf. k. at Pequawket 8 May 1725;
Hannah; Zaccheus, 22 July 1701, wh. was col. of a N. H. regim. in
the last French war, 1759; and Jonathan, 14 May 1713, a preach. rep.
and judge. See Farmer and Moore's Coll. I. 57, and III. 64; Belkn. I.
208 and 319; Fox, Hist. of D. 246. He, with the comm. exagger. of