Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p123


Volume 3, Page 123

Bendall to Yale, may have rem. to Conn. was tax. at New London 1666;
had four yrs. bef. a lawsuit with Bigot Eggleston of Windsor, about
bides to be tanned; and a wid. Lovenam pursued a remedial action for
trespass 1649. THOMAS, Wethersfield 1670, propos. for freem. that
yr. had gr. of Id. 1673, perhaps ten yrs. aft. was of Hartford.

    LOVELL, ALEXANDER, Medfield 1649, m. 30 Oct. 1658, Lydia Albee,
d. of Benjamin of the same. ANDREW, Barnstable, prob. s. of the first
John, had liv. at Scituate, where his d. Deborah was b. 6 May 1689;
and at B. had Silas, 16 May 1690; Mary, 17 Nov. 1693; Jonathan, 27
Mar. 1697; Thankful, 6 Oct. 1699; Joseph, 10 Oct. 1707; and Jane,
14 May 1715. DANIEL, Boston 1640, liv. with his mo. in the part wh.
bec. Braintree. JAMES, Weymouth, by w. Jane had Deborah, b. 8 Jan.
1665; James, 7 Mar. 1667; Hannah, 29 Sept. 1668; a s. 29 Dec.
1670; Mary, 5 Jan. 1674; John, 19 Apr. 1675; Elizabeth 22 Sept. 1679;
and Joseph, 25 Oct. 1684. Perhaps he rem. to Barnstable. JAMES,
Barnstable, s. prob. of the first John, m. Mary, perhaps d. of Jabez
Lombard, had Mary, b. Oct. 1686; Jacob, Aug. 1688, both bapt. 17
Apr. 1691; James, Aug. bapt. 18 Sept. 1692; Mercy, May, bapt. 7
July 1695; Martha, bapt. 27 June 1697; Rebecca, Feb. bapt. 9 Apr.
1699; Lazarus, Nov. 1700, bapt. 30 Mar. foll.; Lydia; John; and
Sarah, whose dates Mr. Hamblen could not give; and I suppose the one
he gives for the m. is wrong. JOHN, Weymouth, perhaps elder br. of
James, of the same, by w. Jane, d. of William Hatch of Scituate, who in
his will of 5 Nov. 1651, names her and gr.s. John L. wh. d. young; had,
also, Elizabeth wh. d. 21 Jan. 1657; Phebe, b. 19 May 1656; John, again,
8 May 1658; Elizabeth 28 Oct. 1660; James, 23 Oct. 1662; William, 24
Feb. 1665; Andrew, 28 June 1668, bef. ment.; Jane, 28 July 1670;
and prob. rem. to Barnstable, where Phebe m. Nov. 1679, Thomas
Bumpas; and Elizabeth m. Oct. 1684, Thomas Ewer. JOHN, Lynn, had
Zacheus, wh. d. 28 Dec. 1681, unless the rec. means that date for the f.
JOHN, Barnstable, s. of John of the same, m. 1688, Susanna Lombard,
had Abigail, b. 25 Oct. 1688; Susanna, Sept. 1692; Joshua, Oct. 1693;
Elizabeth Nov. 1696; Ann, Nov. 1698; and John, 13 Aug. 1700, d. at
4 mos. ROBERT, the freem. of Mass. 2 Sept. 1635, was, I think, then
of Weymouth, and may have brot. John, the first above ment. and here
had James. THOMAS, Ipswich 1647, currier, had been at Salem, perhaps
in 1640, and was one of the selectmen at I. 1681. He came from
Dublin 1639, had Alexander, b. 29 May 1657, d. at 2 yrs.; and Nathaniel,
28 Mar. 1658; was in 87th yr. of his age in 1707. Ano.
THOMAS, of Ipswich, call. junr. may not have been s. of the preced. d.
2 Jan. 1710, leav. wid. Ann, and ch. John, Thomas, Elizabeth Perkins,
Hannah Dutch, and Mary Downton. WILLLIAM, Dorchester 1630,