Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p122


Volume 3, Page 122

Bethia d. of Daniel Rea, m. Joseph Grafton, as his sec. w. and next, m.
deac. William Goodhue. THOMAS, Barnstable, eldest s. of Rev. John,
b. in Eng. join. his f.'s ch. 14 May 1637, m. 11 Dec. 1639, Sarah, wid.
of Thomas Ewer of Charlestown, d. of William Larned, had Mary, bapt.
4 Oct. 1640; Hannah, b. 18 Oct. 1642; Thomas, bapt. 7 July 1644;
Meletiah, 22 Nov. 1646; and Bethia, 22 July 1649, wh. m. July 1668,
John Hinckley; Mary m. Dec. 1656, the first John Stearns, as his sec.
w. and next, 6 May 1669, capt. William French, both of Billerica, and
3d in 1684, Isaac Mixer of Watertown, as his 3d w. He sw. in a
depon. of 4 Apr. 1701, that he was "a. 80 yrs. of age." THOMAS,
Barnstable, perhaps youngest s. of Joseph, unless Meletiah were his f.
m. 23 Apr. 1697, Experience, d. of James Gorham, had a s. b. 10 Jan.
1638, d. next mo.; Deborah, 21 Apr. 1699; Mary, 4 Apr. 1701;
James, 9 Aug. 1703; Thomas, 8 July 1705; Ansel, a. 1707; Joseph, 8
Dec. 1709; and Seth, Mar. 1712. Five of this name, varying only
at. a and o in the first syl. had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, seventeen at
Yale, and two at other N. E. coll.

    LOUD or LOWD, FRANCIS, had made improvem. at Arowsic isl.
in Kennebec riv. and thence been driv. by Ind. hostil. bef. 1679; at
Ipswich by w. Sarah had Francis, b. 26 July 1700. Yet other ch. he
certain. had, as Sarah, wh. was to m. Jonathan Pulsifer in Apr. 1705,
and ano. prob. Deborah, m. William Start. On his petitn. the governm.
allowed him, for almost 30 yrs. serv. of the Prov. to be supplied in the
fort at Winter harb. at public charge. FRANCIS, Weymouth, s. of the
preced. m. late in 1722, Honor, youngest ch. of Isaac Prince of Hull,
and d. 2 Jan. 1774; and his wid. d. 18 Jan. 1777. Of this sec. Francis,
a gr.s. is Hon. Samuel P. Loud of Dorchester. JOHN, Boston, by w.
Deborah had William, wh. d. 17 Dec. 1690, aged 28 yrs. says Bridgman's
Coop's Hill inscr. SOLOMON, a soldier from the E. was at Northampton
in Turner's comp. 1676.

    LOUDER. See Lowder.

    LOVE, JOHN, Boston 1635, prob. only transient resid. JOHN, New
Hampshire, made a couns. 1692. Belkn. I. 124. THOMAS, Boston, m.
23 Sept. 1652, Hannah Thurston.

    LOVEJOY, JOHN, Andover, m. 1 June 1651, Mary, d. of Christopher
, wh. d. 15 July 1675, was freem. 1673, had sec. w. m. 12
Jan. 1677, Hannah Prichard, and d. 7 Nov. 1690. Beside Benjamin,
wh. d. in serv. as a soldier, early in 1689, at Pemaquid, he had
John; William; Christopher, wh. m. 26 May 1685, Sarah Russ,
and d. 1737, in 78th yr.; Joseph; Nathaniel, wh. m. 21 Mar. 1694,
Dorothy Hoyt, and d. 1758, aged 84; and Ebenezer, wh. m. 11 July
1693, Mary Foster, and d. 1759, in 86th yr. Mary, wh. m. 4 July
1670, Joseph Wilson; Sarah, wh. m. 23 May 1678, William Johnson;
Ann, wh. m. 26 May 1685, Jonathan Blanchard; and Abigail, wh. m. 9
Apr. 1691, Nehemiah Abbot, were, I presume, his ds. JOHN, Andover,
s. of the preced. m. 23 Mar. 1678, Naomi Hoyt, d. of John the first of
Salisbury, and d. 14 July 1680. His wife Naomi had admin. 30 Nov.
foll. JOSEPH, Andover, br. of the preced. m. 26 May 1685, Sarah
, had Joseph, wh. d. 2 Mar. 1698, and prob. other childr. was
freem. 1691, and d. 1737, aged 76. WILLIAM, Andover, br. of the
m. 29 Nov. 1680, Mary Farnum, had Caleb, wh. d. 26 Apr.
1691, and prob. other ch. was freem. 1691, and d. 1748, in 91st yr.

    LOVELAND, LOVEMAN or LOVENAM, JOHN, Hartford, d. 1670, had
w. and possib. ch. but no more is kn. Perhaps the fam. was perpet. at
Glastonbury. ROBERT, Boston 1645, a witness then to deed from