Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p61


Volume 2, Page 61

prob. of Anthony, sw. alleg. 31 Dec. 1678, or next day, and were made
freem. 1690. James m. Sarah, d. of Benjamin Parsons; and John m. Mary, d.
of John Harmon.

    DORITCH, JOHN, Salem, tho. a boy, was freq. witness in the cases of
witchcr. 1692, especial. against Giles Cory and George Jacobs, both of wh.
suffer d.

permit. as innholder in that yr. had early been a fisherman, m. a d. of Richard
Bishop of the same, had d. Mary, rememb. in the div. of est. of the gr.f. Felt.

    DORMAN, EDMUND, New Haven 1657, m. 15 or 26 Dec. 1662, Hannah,
d. of Richard Hull, had Samuel, b. 16 July 1666, d. soon; John, 8 Jan. 1668;
Joseph, 13 Dec. 1669; Benjamin, 15 Oct. 1673; Hannah, 1 Mar. 1676; and Mary,
12 May 1680; was a propr. 1685. His w. m. 19 Sept. 1700, was Elizabeth Bunnell,
wid. prob. of Benjamin; and these last five ch. were liv. when he d. 1 May 1711.
Hannah was w. of George Johnson; and Mary of Thomas Leavensworth, both of
Stratford. JOHN, Ipswich, d. prob 1662. His inv. is of 12 Feb. JOSEPH, New
Haven, s. of Edmund, m. 24 Aug. 1693, Mary, d. prob. of William Wilmott.
THOMAS, Ipswich, one of the earliest sett. freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. perhaps,
to Rowley, d. at Topsfield 25 Apr. 1670, aet. 70. Felt says, Daniel Bradley was
his s.-in-law; and Ephraim and Thomas, his two s. were of Topsfield 1684.

    DORR, EDWARD, Roxbury, perhaps came from Pemaquid, had there sw.
fidel. 1674, by w. Elizabeth d. of Thomas Hawley, had Edward, bapt. 4 July 1680,
d. young; Ann, whose b. is not giv. but she d. 5 Oct. 1683, prob. bef. bapt.
He liv. a yr. or two a. 1680, in Boston; but had at R. Edward, again, b. 15,
bapt. 18 Nov. 1683, d. in few days; Ebenezer, 25 Jan. 1688; Edmund, 19 Oct.
1692; Harbottle, 11 May 1696; and a d. Clemence, 17 July 1700. He had sec.
w. it is said, the wid. of Ebenezer Clap. Rev. Joseph, H. C. 1711, first of
ten gr. at Harv. bef. 1828, of this name, was min. of Mendon; and four had
been gr. at the other

    DORSET, JOHN, Boston, 1676, in wh. yr. his w. d. had s. John, and d.

    DORYFALL or DORIFIELD, BARNABY, Boston, came in the Mary and Jane
1633, I presume, with Coddington, for he was adm. of the ch. nearly the
same time with the new w. wh. C. brot. in that sh. and there came in 1634,
by the Elizabeth from Ipswich, Ann D. aged 24, perhaps sis. of Barnabas,
call. when adm. 2 Nov. foll. "our br. William Coddington's maid serv." He
liv. at Braintree, then part of Boston, and C. had large farm there; freem.
25 May 1636.

    DOTEY, DOTY, DOTE or DOTEN, EDWARD, Plymouth, came in the
Mayflower 1620, a London youth in the serv. of Stephen Hopkins, was the
one of the signers of the solemn compact in Cape Cod harb. 11 Nov. and
was with his master in the shallop that in Dec. foll. discov. Plymouth
harb.; yet 18 June foll. was party in the first duel fought in N. E. He
retriev. his charact. by change from youthf. folly, m. prob. as sec. w. (if
the date were, as one of my correspond. gives it, a. 1643, tho. less prob.