Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p62


Volume 2, Page 62

is giv. by ano.), 6 Jan. 1635, Faith, d. of Tristram Clark, had William;
Faith; Edward; John; Isaac, b. 8 Feb. 1648; Desire; Thomas; and Joseph, 30
Apr. 1651. Bradford, 451, says, he had by sec. w. seven ch. liv. in 1650. He
was in 1652 one of the purch. of Dartmouth, but rem. to Yarmouth, d. 23 Aug.
1655. His will of 20 Mar. preced. names only w. and Edward. His wid. m. 14
Mar. 1667, John Phillips of Duxbury and outliv. him. Desire m. William
Sherman jr.
outliv. him, and m. Israel Holmes, and last m. Alexander
, outliv. him, and d. 1723. EDWARD, s. of the preced. m. 26 Feb.
1663, Sarah, d. of John Faunce, and sis. of the famous Elder Faunce, had
Edward, b. 20 May 1664; Sarah, 9 June 1666; John, 4 Aug. 1668; Martha and
Mary, tw. 9 July 1671; Elizabeth 22 Dec. 1673; Patience, 7 July 1676; Mercy, 6
Feb. 1678, d. young; Samuel, 17 May 1681; Mercy, again, 23 Sept. 1684; and
Benjamin, 30 May 1689; was drown. 8 Feb. 1690, with his s. John, betw.
Plymouth and Boston. The wid. m. 1693, John Buck; Sarah, the eldest d. m.
1687, James Warren, gr.f. of the late Gen. James W.; and Mary m. 1699,
Joseph Allyne, whose d. Mary, b. 1702, was mo. of the ardent patr. James
, and of the late H. G. Otis, a disting. senator of the U. S.; and
Elizabeth m. Tobias Oakman. Descend. of these Otis and Warren fam. have
interm. JOHN, br. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth d. of Jacob Cooke, wid. perhaps
of Daniel Wilcox, had John, b. 24 Aug. 1668; Edward, 28 June 1671; Jacob, 24 May
1673; Elizabeth 10 Feb. 1676; Isaac, 25 Oct. 1678; Samuel, 31 Jan. 1682; Elisha, 13 July
1686; Josiah, Oct. 1689; and Martha, Oct. 1692, soon after wh. the w. d.; and by sec.
w. Sarah had Sarah, 19 Feb. 1696; Patience, 3 July 1697; and Desire, 19 Apr. 1699.
JOSEPH, Rochester, prob. br. of the preced. had Joseph, b. 31 Mar. 1683;
Deborah, 31 Mar. 1685; John, 1 Mar. 1688; Mercy, 12 Jan. 1692; Fish, 18 Jan.
1697; and Mary, 28 July 1699. THOMAS, br. prob. youngest, of the preced.
was one of the first purch. of Middleborough, 1662, but a youth; by w.
Mary had Thomas, b. 22 July 1679; and Hannah, Dec. 1675. She m. 12 Jan.
1699, Jonathan Delano, and d. 12 Apr. 1764; her h. surv. less than nine mos.
and d. in 89th yr.

    DOUBLEDAY, ROGER, Boston 1674, currier, d. 22 Nov. 1690.

    DOUGHTY, FRANCIS, Taunton 1639, rem. 1641 to Long Isl. where he
was hardly so well treat. as the min. of the gospel should have been. Adrian
Van der Donck, an official under Van Rensselaer a patentee, wh m. his d.
print. a statement of his case. Baylies, I. 289. Lechford has notice of
him in very few words. JAMES, Scituate, m. 15 Aug. 1649, Lydia, d. of
Humphrey Turner, had, betw. 1650 and 1670, Mary, James, Elizabeth Martha,
Lydia, Sarah, Samuel, Robert, and Susanna; was a soldier in Philip's war.
Deane, 264, thinks the fam. went to Conn. THOMAS, Dover 1657-67. Perhaps
he rem. over to Berwick, and Doughty's Falls may have the name from him.