Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p60


Volume 2, Page 60

Sarah; Abraham, b. 12 Feb. 1650; Elizabeth 12 Apr. 1652; Mary, 22 Feb. 1654,
wh. perhaps d. young; John, 14 June 1655; the four last bapt. 26 Apr. 1657;
Abigail, bapt. 22 May 1659, d. young; these, it is said, were by first w. and
the foll. by Abigail Moss, d. of John, m. 2 July 1663, his sec. w.; Samuel,
b. 7 July 1665; Joseph, 12 Feb. 1667; Abigail, again, 26 Feb. 1669. He
was rep. 1668 and 72, but rem. to Wallingford 1670, there had
Ebenezer, a. 1672; Daniel, 1675, beside two ds. perhaps, and certain.
Theophilus; and d. 11 Aug. 1690. In his will he names w. Abigail, the seven s.
and three ds. Sarah Ebenatha, Elizabeth Brockett, and Abigail, unm. Early it
was Dowlittle. The name became common at W. ABRAHAM, Wallingford, s. of
the preced. m. 9 Nov. 1680, Mercy, d. of William Holt of New Haven, had
John, b. 13 Aug. 1681; Abraham, 27 Mar. 1684; Sarah, Feb. 1686; and Susanna,
15 Apr. 1688; had no sec. w. Ruth Lothrop; but by third w. Elizabeth d. of
Samuel Thorpe, had Samuel, Joseph, and Thomas, and d. 10 Nov. 1732.
DANIEL, Wallingford, br. of the preced. rem. to Middletown, m. Hannah
, had David, went back to W. d. 1755. Ebenezer, Wallingford, br. of
the preced. m. Sarah, d. of Samuel Hall, d. Dec. 1711. JOHN, Lynn 1643.
Lewis. He rem. to Boston, and in that part nam. Rumney marsh, now
Chelsea, was constable 1653. Snow, 137. His will of 22 Sept. 1681, pro. 14
Oct. foll. names w. Sybel, m. 30 Oct. 1674, wh. had been wid. of Miles Nutt
of Malden, and first of John Bibble; but no ch.; hav. by contr. of m. with
said Sybel bound hims. that he would give ho. and lds. at Malden, he gives
that and other est. to her, besides provid. for her ch. and gr.-childr.
The wid. Sybel made her will 25 Dec. 1683, but d. 23 Sept. 1690. He was br.
of the first Abraham, wh. own. ld. at Rumney marsh. JOHN, Wallingford, s.
of the first Abraham, m. 13 Feb. 1682, Mary Peck, and sec. w. Grace
; had Benjamin, b. 10 July 1695; and Samuel. Six of this name had
been gr. at Yale in 1828, of wh. Rev. Benjamin, 1716, d. 9 Jan. 1749, aet. 53.

    DORCHESTER, ANTHONY, Springfield, came from Windsor, a. 1649,
where he had been some yrs. but had been, first, at Hingham perhaps; by first
w. Sarah, wh. d. 9 Nov. 1649, had three ch. and by sec. w. Martha, wid. of
Samuel Kitcherell (not Richards, as the charming auth. of "Hartford in
the Olden Time" read the rec.), of Hartford, m. 2 Jan. 1651, had three more;
had third w. the wid. of John Harmon. He took o. of alleg. 31 Dec. 1678, and
d. 28 Aug. 1682. The ch. were John, b. at W. 5 Nov. 1644; James; Mary; Benjamin;
Sarah, wh. m. 27 Nov. 1673, Joseph Stebbins; and Esther, but the dates of each, as
well as the respect. mothers are not kn. BENJAMIN, Springfield, s. of the preced.
d. 24 May 1676, leav. w. Sarah, d. of Jonathan Burt, m. only the yr. bef.
and she m. the yr. foll. Luke Hitchcock. JAMES and JOHN, Springfield, s.