Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p534


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Volume 2, Page 534

1642, d. in few days; was rep. 1648 and 9, d. 5 June 1657, leav. as we see by
his will of 18 May, prov. 25 July foll. wid. Mary, extrix. wh. m. 10 Mar.
1659, John Beal; s. John, and Joseph, wh. was bapt. 10 May 1646; ds. Elizabeth wh.
m. Dec. 1648, John Thaxter; Mary m. 1653, John Otis, jr.; Sarah m. 25 Nov.
1652 or feb. 1654, Matthew Cushing; Hannah, bapt. 23 Feb. 1640, m. 13 Dec.
1657, Thomas Loring; and Deborah, bapt. 26 Nov. 1643, wh. m. Feb. 1664,
Nathaniel Thomas. Usually the progeny of Nicholas reject the final s. PETER,
Hartford 1647. PETER, Hingham, s. of capt. John, m. 7 Dec. 1693, Hannah Allen
of Barnstable, had John, b. 17 Oct. 1694; Hannah, 22 July 1696; Mary, 29 Sept.
1698; Elizabeth 9 Apr. 1700; Peter, 25 Oct. 1701; Jael, 10 May 1703; Lydia, 16
Apr. 1705; Joseph, 11 Aug. 1706, d. soon; Joseph, again, 14 Apr. 1708;
Abigail, 3 Dec. 1709; Sarah, 13 July 1712; and Deborah, 28 Aug. 1714.
RICHARD, Ipswich, came, 1634, in the Mary and john; freem. 6 May 1635, m.
Martha, d. of first Samuel Appleton, had Richard, Thomas, John, Samuel,
Nathaniel, Joseph, Martha, and Judith; but no dates are found; d. 1672, or 4.
His sec. w. Joan had been wid. of deac. Robert Hale of Charlestown, and d. 28
Nov. 1681, in 78th yr. at C. SAMUEL, Newbury, with prefix of respect, says
Coffin, d. 16 June 1672. He was prob. s. of Richard of Ipswich, and d. bef.
his f. leav. wid. and one ch. Lydia. SAMUEL, Hingham, s. of capt. John, by w.
Elizabeth had Samuel, b. 27 June 1695; and the f. d. four mos. after. THOMAS,
Ipswich, prob. s. of Richard, freem. 1674.

    JAFFREY, � * GEORGE, Newbury, m. 7 Dec. 1665, Elizabeth Walker, had
Sarah, b. 26 Feb. 1667; rem. to Boston, and again, a. 1677, rem. to Great Isl.
or Newcastle, N. H. had sec. w. Ann, wh. d. 6 Dec. 1682, giv. b. to George,
and aged 18; where his sec. w. Ann d. 6 Dec. 1682; in 1683 was petnr. against
Gov. Cranfield; after was rep. and speaker, Couns. 1702, d. at the ho. of
Col. Appleton in Ipswich, 13 Feb. 1707, leav. good est. and by Rev.
John Pike, in his Diary, is not. as "of singular understanding and usefuln."
His wid. Hannah m. (as third w.) Penn Townsend of Boston. � GEORGE,
Portsmouth, s. of the preced. H. C. 1702, m. 10 Jan. 1710, Sarah, d. of
David Jeffries of Boston, had George, b. 8 Feb. 1717; Elizabeth 20 July 1719;
Sarah, 25 Mar. 1722; Ann, 26 Oct. 1723; and Rebecca, 23 May 1734, d. next
mo. His w. d. 12 Jan. 1735; and he m. Sarah, d. of John Wentworth, wid. of
Archibald McPhedris, had no ch. by her, and was m. 10 Jan. 1711, Sarah, d. of
David Jeffries; was a couns. and Judge of the Sup. Ct. had George, b. 1716,
H. C. 1736, and d. 8 May 1749, in 67th yr. That s. was a couns. and d. 20
Dec. 1801, in 85th yr. Descend. in esteem at Portsmouth were kn. in our

    JAGGER, JEREMY, Wethersfield, one of the first sett. may therefore
have been of Watertown, serv. in the Pequot war 1637, rem. 1641 to
Stamford, there was master of a trad. vessel, and went to the W. I. four
yrs. bef. his d. 14 Aug. 1658 abroad. His wid. Elizabeth m. 12 May 1669,
Robert Usher; and in 1671 grants for his conduct in the old war were made
to his three s. John, Jeremiah, and Jonathan. JEREMIAH, Stamford, s. of
the preced. d. 1690, leav. Sarah, aged 13; Elizabeth 11; Mary,