Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p50


Volume 2, Page 50

Jan. 1650; Hannah; and John, 21 Mar. 1656; all bapt. says Mitchell, in his
ch.; and he d. 5 Aug. 1692, aged 78. Often it is Dixon.

    DIKE, DYKE or DIKES, ABRAHAM, Dorchester, bef. 1656, when he sold
part of his lot to Thomas Wiswall. ANTHONY, Salem, by w. Margery had Anthony,
b. 24 Mar. 1666; Nathaniel, 25 Dec. 1667; Margery, 16 Aug. 1669; Jonathan, 28 Mar.
1666; Nathaniel, 25 Dec. 1667; Margery, 16 Aug. 1669; Jonathan, 28 Mar. 1673; Mary;
and Benjamin, 22 Feb. 1680; d. 1679, and admin. 28 Nov. was gr. to his wid. Felt
confus. him with Anthony Dick, ment. in Winthrop Hist. I. 287, of wh. very little is ever
heard. RICHARD, Gloucester, m. 7 Aug. 1667, Rebecca Doliver, had Samuel, b.8 Nov.
1670; Sarah, 28 May 1673; Mary, 7 Nov. 1675; Joseph, 29 Jan. 1678; and Job, 3 July
1680; Elizabeth 1683; John, 1686; Hannah, 1688; and James, 1692; and d. 6 May 1729.
Rebecca m. 1706 Josiah Tainer.

    DILL, GEORGE, Watertown 1671, says Bond, d. there 1716, a pauper.
Perhaps it is the same as Dell. THOMAS, Marblehead, d. June 1668. Admin
was giv. to Richard, of wh. no more is kn.

    DILLINGHAM, * EDWARD, Lynn 1636, from Bitteswell Co. Leicester,
where he had est. rem. next yr. to Sandwich; was rep. 1642, and had Henry;
and John; the younger b. in Eng. a. 1630. His will of 1 May 1666, pro. 1 June
1667, is abstract. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 225. EDWARD, Sandwich, s. of Henry,
left ch. Edward, John, and Simeon. HENRY, Sandwich, s. of Edward first of
the same
, b. in Eng., bore arms 1643, had Edward, and John. JOHN, Ipswich,
wh. came in the fleet with Winthrop was, perhaps, br. of Edward, a man of
respectab. condition, as is pro. by the prefix. at his request, 19 Oct.
1630, and also at adm. as freem. 18 May foll. came from Leicestersh. was
first of Boston, being No. 71 of the list of mem. and dead is writ. against
it, so that he d. soon, leav. w. Sarah, and ch. Edward and Sarah; but Sarah
alone was liv. when her mo. made her will at Ipswich, 10 July 1636. She m.
John Caldwell, and was prob. a relat. to Richard Saltonstall and Samuel
Appleton, as may be judg. from that instrum. See the fine Appleton fam.
Memo. JOHN, New Haven 1644. JOHN, Sandwich, br. of Henry, b. in Eng. m.
24 Mar. 1651, Elizabeth d. of Henry Feake, had John, b. 1663, perhaps others bef.
or after, was a capt. and d. 21 May 1715 at Harwich, and his wid. d. 15 Dec.
1720. JOHN, Barnstable, s. of the preced. m. Lydia, prob. d. of Isaac
Chapman, had Lydia; Hannah; Rebecca; Abigail; John, b. 1701; Thankful; and
Sarah; but the dates, or even order of b. are unkn. He d. 11 Sept. 1746;
and his wid. d. 9 Sept. 1760.

1647, perhaps rem. to Kittery bef. 1652, there call. ropemaker. JOHN, New
London, m. 17 June 1674, Rebecca, wid. of Tobias Minter, d. of James
Bemis. MOSES, Fairfield 1670, s. of Thomas, had large est. w. Abigail, s.
Moses, and ds. Abigail, Esther, and Grace. His will was dat. 21 Mar. 1684,
and the inv. is a few wks. later. This name is often writ. without final d,
always at Yale. His wid. m. 1685, Edward Howard. ROBERT, Roxbury. His w.
Mary d. 1643. THOMAS, Fairfield, lost a vessel and cargo by fire in 1656,
and d. 1658, had Thomas, Moses, bef. ment. and John. It may be, that he is
the same person under Deming; but it is not likely. THOMAS, Fairfield,
prob. s. of the preced. a mariner, m. 22 Sept. 1670, Elizabeth d. of Peter
Bradley, rem. to New London,