Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p414

Volume 2, Page 414

but d. at London, of smallpox, 1684; Henry, 22 Dec. 1661, or 2, wh. d. 1685
at Barbados, of smallpox; beside two ds. Sarah m. 1672, Richard Wharton;
and Ann m. 4 Oct. 1682, William Dolliver of Gloucester. On a design
of going to Eng. he came in 1659 to Salem, there was prevailed on to
remain, ord. Aug,. 1660, and d. among the most honored of our clerg. 9
Dec. 1708. He had sec. w. Mary, wid. of Joshua Atwater of Boston,
only three mos. surv. him. * JOHN, Salem, eldest s. of the preced. m. 9
Oct. 1672, Sarah, d. of Thomas Savage of Boston, not (as in Geneal. Reg.
VII. 18, told), eldest, but seventh ch.
[1] had Mary, b. at Boston, 27 or 28
Sept. 1673, the same hour with her cous. Thomas Thacher; John, 20
Aug. 1675, who was not (as Geneal. Reg. V. 48 calls him), H. C. 1717,
but f. of that gr. (by his first w. Hannah Gardner); Thomas, 16 Dec.
1677; Nathaniel, 1 Apr. 1680; Sarah, 1 June 1682; Elizabeth 3 Oct. 1684;
and Margaret, 10 Nov. 1686, wh. d. in few. mos.; was selectman, rep. 1689,
and of the counc. 1700-19 and d. 23 Mar. 1720. NATHANIEL, Salem, br.
of the preced. went to Eng. 1674, and was some yrs. employed in the
mint under Lord Wharton, but in 1683 went out to India, was estab.
as a merch. at Fort St. George, now Madras, and after serv. in the
council, as Secretary, bec. Gov. of that factory, m. 1692, Elizabeth Richards,
ret. in 1700 with w. and 4 ch. to London, there d. Nov. 1708, of smallpox.
See Farmer's Mem. of Grad. in Geneal. Reg. I. 34; and 3 Mass.
Hist. Coll. VII. 196-222, for interest. corresp. with his br. THEOPHILUS,
New Haven 1644, s. of Francis, had Theophilus, bapt. 10 Dec. 1648;
and Samuel, b. 26 Aug. bapt. 15 Sept. 1650; and d. a. 1657, at 37 yrs.
leav. only s. Samuel, wh. bec. it is said, a physician. Six of this
fam. have been gr. at Harv. WILLIAM, Farmington, whose name is
usually Higason, or Higgison, m. Sarah, d. of John Warner, had there
bapt. Margaret, Sarah, Eliz. 17 May 1691, and Mary, 10 Jan. foll.; was
a propr. 1673, left no s. nor is the date or place of his d. kn. He is not
reckoned of the preced. fam. Sarah m. Clark Carrington, acc. Bronson's
Hist. of Waterbury p. 143; but he had, on p. 26, m. him to Mary.

    HIGLEY, JOHN, Windsor, m. 9 Nov. 1671, Hannah, d. of John Drake,
had b. there John, 6 Aug. 1673; Jonathan, 16, bapt. 20 Feb. 1676;
Hannah, 13, bapt. 17 Mar. 1678; Catharine, b. 7 Aug. 1679; rem. to
Simsbury, there prob. had more ch. and d. He was, it is believed, from
Frimley in Surry, a hamlet 8 ms. from Farnham, a. 30 ms. from London.
Hannah m. Joseph Trumbull, and was mo. of first Gov. Jonathan.

    HILAND. See Hyland.

    HILDRETH, sometimes HILDRICK, ISAAC, Woburn, youngest s. of
Richard, by w. Elizabeth had Persis, b. 25 Nov. 1691; Joanna, 16 Nov.
1693; perhaps rem. JAMES, Chelmsford, s. of Richard, m. 1 June 1659,
Margaret Ward, had Sarah, b. 22 Feb. 1662; Elizabeth and Mary, both
bapt. 1 Apr. 1666; and Richard, who d. 22 Feb. 1692 or 3; and perhaps