Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p398

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Volume 2, Page 398

Portsmouth 1630, one of the men sent by Mason, the patentee. TRISTRAM, Dover,
s. of John, by w. Abigail had Joseph, b. 15 Feb. 1693; Tristram, 26 Mar. 1695;
Nathaniel 23 Jan. 1697; Elizabeth 8 Feb. 1707; Mary, 10 June 1709; and Keziah, 1
Dec. 1712. He d. 1734, his will of 18 Apr. in that yr. being pro. 3 June
foll. WARWICK, Kittery, a young man, perhaps, s. of James the first, k.
accid. in 1646, by Charles Frost. WILLIAM, Plymouth, came in the Ann, 1623,
of wh. no more is kn. He was not a partaker in the div. of cattle, 1627.
WILLIAM, Dover, s. of the first John, d. a. 1 Nov. 1675, leav. wid. but no ch.

    HEARSEY. See Hersey.

    HEATE or HITTE, THOMAS, Cambridge, a propr. 1635, after which the name
is not found.

    HEATH, BARTHOLOMEW, Newbury, had John, b. 15 Aug. 1643, rem. to
Haverhill; had, also, Joseph, and Josiah. CHARLES, Boston, by w. Mary had
Robert, bapt. 10 June 1683. ELIAS, Boston, m. 13 May 1699, Elizabeth Eldridge.
No more is kn. of him. but that he had sis. Ann Turner of Buckland, Co.
Surrey; and he d. 19 Oct 1706, aged 55. He is in the list of taxa. inhabs.
1695. * ISAAC, Roxbury, came in the Hopewell, capt. Babb, late in 1635, aged
50, with w. Eliz. 40; d. Eliz. 5; and Martha, prob. a sis. 30; freem. 25 May
1636, was rep. 1637 and 8, rul. elder, and d. 21 Jan. 1661. His will, made 2
days bef. names cous. i. e. niece, Martha Brand, w. of George, Edward Morris,
and Mary Morey, as his kin, besides John, Eliz. and Mary, ch. of John Bowles,
who. m. 2 Apr. 1650, his only ch. Eliz. wh. d. 6 July 1655, and gave larger
portion of his good est. to said Bowles. See Geneal. Reg. X. 264, for his
will. The wid. d. Jan. 1665, and her will is to be seen in G. R. XIII. 150.
ISAAC, Roxbury, eldest s. of William, b. in Eng. m. 16 Dec. 1650, Mary Davis,
had a ch. wh. d. 2 Jan. 1652, bef. bapt.; Mary, b. 1, bapt. 13 Mar. 1653, d.
at 15 yrs.; Isaac, 10 May, bapt. 2 July 1655; Elizabeth 26 July 1657; Abigail, 26
Aug. 1660; Ebenezer, 15 Mar. 1663; Peleg, 25 June 1665; and Joseph, 25 July
1669; was freem. 1652, and d. 29 Dec. 1694. Elizabeth m. 27 Oct.1683, Samuel
Sheares. ISAAC, Roxbury, s. of the preced. m. 2 Feb. 1681, Ann Fisher, and
Ann, b. 12, d. 17 Nov. foll. and Isaac, b. 23 July 1683; d. 22 Dec. 1684. His
will, made three days bef. provides for w. and only ch. His wid. m. 2 Dec.
1685, Francis Youngman. JOHN, br. of Bartholomew, d. 17 Jan. 1675, in his
will made the yr. preced. names no fam. of his own. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of
Bartholomew, m. 14 Nov. 1666, Sarah, d. of William Partridge of Salisbury, had
Ann, b. 30 June 1684; and Bartholomew; and d. bef. mid. age. The wid. d. 1718
at Hampton. JOSEPH, and JOSIAH, brs. of the preced. took o. of fidel. 28