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Volume 2, Page 406

the monstrous verdicts extort. from them by the dictation of the court, and
univers. delusion. HOWETT, Salem, s. of George, m. 10 Sept. 1715, Abigail
Wheeler, had Jonathan, b. 30 Apr. 1717; George, 12 Mar. 1721, d. young;
Abigail, 7 Apr. 1723; Andrew, 28 Apr. 1725; George, again, 24 Jan. 1727; and
David, bapt. 8 May 1730. JAMES, Newtown, L.I. 1656, perhaps s. of William,
named his sec. s. William, but we kn. not his first, and d. 1687. JOHN,
Beverly, s. of the first Henry, m. 25 Mar. 1674, Mary Redington of Topsfield,
had John, b. Apr. 1675; Mary, 1677; and Daniel, Mar. 1679; took o. of alleg.
1678, and d. 1680. JOSEPH, Salem, br. of the preced. m. 7 Feb. 1667, Sarah,
d. of Richard Leach, had Joseph, b. 2 Apr. 1668; Benjamin, 1 Jan. 1670, d.
soon; John, 25 Jan. 1671; and Sarah, bapt. 4 May 1674; had 2d w. Mary Endicot,
m. a. 1678, it is said, but we can hardly imagine who she was, had Henry, and
Martin, tw. bapt. 26 Jan. 1680; Benjamin, 1680, d. young; Tryphosa, b. 16 Nov.
1681; Rufus, 21 Nov. 1683; Tryphena, 9 Apr. 1685; Elizabeth 16 Oct. 1686; Ruth, 29
Apr. 1688; and Edith, 20 Feb. 1690; he was freem. 1690; m. 3d w. 28 June 1707,
Mary, wid. of George March of Newbury, wh. surv. him. She had been a wid.
when she m. M. WILLIAM, Southampton, L.I. is by Farmer ment. as one of the
grantees in the Ind. deed, 1640. ZACHARY, Beverly, s. of first Henry, m.
1653, Mary d. of first Richard Dodge, had Mary, b. 10 Oct. 1654; Elizabeth 2 Mar.
1657; Henry, 1659; d. young; Sarah, 16 Oct. 1662; Martha, 5 Aug. 1665; Hannah,
1669; Henry, again, 1671; and Abigail, bapt. May 1674; he d. 29 May 1695, and
his wid. d. 18 Aug. 1710. Four of this name had been gr. at Harv. and seven
at Yale in 1834.

    HERRIMAN, AUGUSTINE, Saybrook 1651. See Trumbull's Col. Rec. I. 219.
See, also, Harriman.

    HERRING, JAMES, Dedham 1642. THOMAS, Dedham, a freem. 1654, is
otherwise unkn. because his w. Mary, d. of Robert Pierce, wh. in his will gave her
portion of his est. was, by misreading of the name, giv. to Thomas Haven of Dedham,
when there was no such person. A John H. was, in May 1687, engag. in London in
receiv. conveyance from Judith, wid. and extrix. of Stephen Winthrop, as he was
purposed to come to N.E.

    HERRINGBORNE, GEORGE, Boston 1664.

    HERSEY, JAMES, Hingham, s. of William first of the same, m. 15 Dec.
1665, Mary, elder d. of the first John Fearing of the same. || WILLIAM,
Hingham 1635, freem. Mar. 1638, ar. co. 1652, had w. Elizabeth wh. surv. him, and
d. 24 Mar. 1658. His will of 9 Mar. in that yr. pro. 29 Apr. foll. names s.
William, John, and James, ds. Frances, Elizabeth and Judith, of wh. some were
perhaps b. in Eng. It also names gr.-childr. John Croad, s. of Richard, wh.
m. Frances, 29 May 1656; and William H.