Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p352


Volume 2, Page 352

Mar. 1689; Sarah 6 Oct. 1691; and Elizabeth 3 Apr. 1694. THOMAS, Wethersfield,
perhaps br. of the first John, had John, b. there 1 Sept. 1649, rem. to New
London 1651, but cont. there only three yrs. and after intermed. resid. was at
Northampton a. 1660, was deac. 1668, rem. to Westfield, thence to Suffield,
where he d. 11 June 1686. His w. was Deliverance, d. of George Langton; and
she m. 14 Dec. next, Jonathan Burt. Other ch. were Thomas; Deliverance, who m.
Nathaniel Weller; and Hannah, who m. Samuel Loomis. THOMAS, Westfield, s. of
the preced. m. 1673, Elizabeth Loomis, had Elizabeth b. 11 Feb. 1679, rem. to
Suffield, there had Thomas, 1681; Mary, 1683; rem. back to W. had Hannah,
1685, d. soon; Hannah, again, 25 Jan. 1687; Sarah, 22 Nov. 1689; Samuel,
14 Apr. 1692; and Deliverance, 1695. He, or one of the name, d.
at Roxbury, 6 May 1719. His will, of 1717, pro. 1719, names not
Elizabeth the d. who was prob. d. Swelling, the variety of forms, in which
this surname appears, Jackson in Hist. of Newton, 407, by split. the
first letter, spells it Stanchett.

    HANSON, ISAAC, prob. of Portsmouth, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 18 May
1679, wh. m. 9 June 1698, James Libbey. THOMAS, Dover 1657, freem. 5
June 1661, prob. d. 1666, as his will was pro. 27 June 1666. His wid. was k.
by the Ind. His ch. were Tobias, Thomas, b. a. 1643; Isaac; Timothy; and two ds.
THOMAS, Dover, s. of the preced. m. 3 June 1669, at Salem, wid. Mary Robinson,
had Mary, b. 3 Dec. 1670; Thomas, b. a. 1680; John; Nathaniel; Mercy; Elizabeth; James; and
Abigail. His will, of 4 Apr. 1710, names w. Mary, and all the ch. exc. John. TOBIAS,
Dover 1686, br. of the preced. whose w. was tak. by the Ind. at the assault on Waldron's
garris. ho. 28 June 1689, when his mo. was k.; was k. by the same enemy, 10 May 1693.
He had Tobias, Joseph, and Benjamin.

    HANWELL, AMBROSE, Pemaquid, took o. of fidel. to Mass. 1671.

    HAPGOOD, NATHANIEL, Stow, s. of Sydrach, m. 14 Aug. 1695, Elizabeth d. of
Samuel Ward; but the date is 6 Sept. in the Ward Fam. Geneal. SYDRACH, or
SHADRACH, Sudbury, was, I presume, that passeng. from London, in the
Speedwell, at Boston, July 1656, aged 14, tho. in Geneal. Reg. I. 132, call.
Hopgood; in Sept. 1657 is call. kinsman by the first Peter Haynes in his will,
who perhaps three yrs. bef. had sent his s. Thomas to bring him; m. 21 Oct.
1664, Elizabeth d. of Nathaniel Treadway, had Nathaniel, and Thomas, the last b. 1
Feb. 1669; beside Mary, wh. m. 10 Apr. 1688, John Whitney, and (as I suppose),
Sarah, wh. m. Jonathan Whitney; and, in Philip's war, was k. 2 Aug. 1675, at
Brookfield, as told by his capt. Wheeler, who gives the name exactly as it
still prevails in some part of the country, tho. in the letter of Rev. John
Russell in the Col. Rec. print. by Coffin, 389, it is Harkwood. His wid. m.
says Bond, a Hayward. THOMAS, Marlborough, s. of the