Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p351


Volume 2, Page 351

w. of Mark Hands. He m. 8 Nov. 1655, Abigail, wid. of George Dell, had Sarah,
b. 8 Aug. 1656; and Abigail, 8 Mar. 1660. He d. bef. 5 Feb. 1661, when his will
of 26 Dec. 1657 was brot. in for pro. See Geneal. Reg. XIII. 149. RICHARD,
Marblehead 1671, print. in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 288, as prob. it was sound. Haniver,
and VII. 70, Hannier.

    HANNUM, JOHN, Northampton, only s. of William, m. 20 Nov. 1662,
Sarah, d. of Richard Weller, had Abigail, b. 16 Aug. 1664; Hannah, 12 Oct.
1667; Sarah, 4 Oct. 1669, d. young; Sarah, again, 9 Dec. 1671; Mindwell, and
Experience, tw. Mar. 1673, both d. young. The w. d. 30 Mar. 1673; and he m. 20
Apr. 1675, Esther, d. of George Langton, had John, b. 1676; Eleazur, 1678;
Ruth, 1680; a d. 1683, d. soon; Esther, 1685, d. soon; Esther, again, 1687, d.
soon; Joanna, 1688; William, 1690; and Samuel, 1692. He d. 19 Feb. 1712, ged
76. WILLIAM, Dorchester, an early sett. rem. to Windsor, but not with the
first migrat. for his. s John, was b. bef. he went to W. wh. may seem,
therefore, to have been as late as 1639; there had bapt. Abigail, 22 Nov.
1640; Joanna, 21 July 1642; Elizabeth b. 24 Apr. 1645; and Mary, 5 Apr. 1650; but
prob. Joanna d. young; rem. again a. 1655 to Northampton, there d. 1 June
1677. His will of 15 May preced. gives only s. John most of his prop. and some
to ea. of three ds. Abigail, w. of John Sacket; Mary, wid. of John Allen; and
Elizabeth wh. m. Peter Bushrod. His wid. Honor, wh. is call. sis. in her will, by Dorothy
Upshall, wid. of Nicholas, d. 1680 at Westfield.

    HANSCOM, HUNSCOM or HANSCOMBE, JAMES, of Essex Co. 1666,
may have been s. of the foll. THOMAS, Salem, came with Higginson, 1629.

    HANSE or HAUNCE, JOHN, Dover 1656, still there 1665.
    HANSETT, HANDSETT, HANCHET, HANSHUT, or HANSHET, JOHN, Boston, call. on adm. 13
July 1634, of the ch. "serv. of our pastor John Wilson," freem. 17 May 1637, rem. to
Braintree, had John, b. 15 July 1641. His w. d. and he soon rem. to Roxbury, m. 2 Apr.
1644, Elizabeth Perry had Thomas, bapt. 19 Oct. 1645; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1647, d.
next yr.; Hannah, again, 14 Oct. 1649, d. within 3 wks.; and Peter, 6
July 1651. His s. John was bur. 2 Apr. 1654; and d. Elizabeth whose b. is
not found, was bur. 9 June 1668; and, under 23 Feb. 1684, the ch. rec. has
"old John Hanshett bur." in Apostle Eliot's trembl. hand. JOHN,
Westfield, s. of Thomas, m. 6 Sept. 1677, Esther Pritchet, had Esther,
b. 1 Aug. 1678; and John, 16 Nov. 1679, there; rem. to Suffield, was
freem. 1680, and had Samuel, Hannah, Bathsheba, Mehitable, and Ebenezer,
was deac. and d. 1744, very old. PETER, Dedham, prob. youngest s. of
John the first, was freem. 1684, rem. to Roxbury, there by w. Mary,
d. of John Parker the first, had Mary, b. 13 Mar. 1687; Huldah, 31