Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p34


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Volume 2, Page 34

s. of Philip the first, was liv. 1690, but tho. he prob. had w. and fam. of
them nothing is kn. * JONATHAN, Dartmouth, br of the preced. acc. fam. geneal.
was b. 1648, m. 26 Feb. 1678, Mercy, d. of Nathaniel Warren, had Jonathan,
Jabez, Sarah, Mercy, Nathan, Bethia, Susanna, Nathaniel, Esther, Jethro, and
Thomas, as in the fam. scroll insert. and we may regret that dates are not
attain. tho. order of success. is prob. preserv. He was constable, town clk.
surveyor, selectman, lieut. and in 1689 rep. and d. 23 Dec. 1720, in 73d yr.
as Ricketson, 386, copies the inscript. on gr.stone, but fam. geneal. says 28
Dec. MICHAEL, New Haven, d. 1667. PHILIP, Plymouth, came in the Fortune 1621,
b. of French or Flemish Protestant parents, but of the Eng. ch. at Leyden,
Winslow says, and 19 yrs. old at his coming; was s. prob. of Jean and Marie de
, bapt. 7 Dec. 1603 in the Walloon ch. of Leyden; was freem. of that
col. 1632. rem. soon after to Duxbury, m. 19 Dec. 1634, Esther Dewsbury, and
next, 1657, Mary, wid. of James Glass, d. of William Pontus (tho. Ricketson
makes her d. of James Churchill, wh. is wholly unkn. to me); and had ch. (of
wh. we are uncert. wh. may be elder or younger, whether all, or part, by first
w.) Thomas, Mary, Philip, John, ; Jane, Rebecca, Jonathan, Esther, and Samuel.
But as a fam. geneal. in MS. has been giv. to me, tho. it is confin. to the
descend. of Jonathan, yet as it purports to give the offspring of the Dewsbury
m. three s. Samuel, Thomas, and Jonathan, beside one d. wh. d. soon, it might
seem prob. that three ds. and one s. came of the sec m. He rem. to
Bridgewater, was one of the purch. of Dartmouth 1652, and in 1662, of
Middleborough, and d. a. 1681, a. 79 yrs. old. Mary m. 29 Nov. 1655, Jonathan
. PHILIP, Duxbury, s. of the preced. had Philip; and that he was b.
early in 1678, is all that is kn. of this branch of the fam. SAMUEL, Duxbury,
br. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of Alexander Standish, and of his fam. we kn.
no more. THOMAS, Duxbury, br. perhaps eldest of the preced. m. Mary,[1] d.
perhaps youngest, of first John Alden, had Thomas, but we kn. not his date of
b. nor indeed but by conject. that he was of this w. whose m. is giv. bef.
1667. He m. next, 24 Oct. 1692 or 1699, Hannah, wid. of Robert Bartlett, d. of
Richard Warren. In Winsor, 226, and 251, the various dates of this sec. m. are
found. De la Noye was the name at first.

    DELL or DILL, GEORGE, Salem, 1693, rem. to Boston, freem. 1651, by w.
Abigail bad John, b. Oct. 1645; Samuel, 31 Aug. 1647; Joseph, Feb. 1650; and
Benjamin, 27 Apr. 1632. He was an active merch. d. abroad, prob. in 1654, for
an imperfect will of 3 Nov. 1653, recites that he was bound from Eng. to
Ireland, thence to Virg. etc. He had good amt. of prop. Winthrop II 312. His
wid. m. 8 Nov. 1655, John Hanniford. JOSEPH, Boston, mariner, prob. s. of the
preced. had, 1678, w. Elizabeth PETER, Chelmsford 1691.