Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p325

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Volume 2, Page 325

6 May 1686, and on 1 or 21 May of next yr. was drown. His wid. m. 23 Jan.
1689, Benoni Jones, wh. with two of her ch. were k. in the assault on
Northampton 13 May 1704, when she was taken, carr. to Canada by the Ind.
there d.

    GURNALL, JOHN, Dorchester. See Gornell.

    GURNEY, EDWARD, Cambridge 1636. JOHN, Braintree, an early
inhab. may be that apprent. of John Newgate, b. 29 Sept. 1615, ment. by
Winthrop II. 345. He d. 1663. His w. d. 1664. JOHN, Weymouth, w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth
b. 5 May 1689. PETER, Weymouth, s. perhaps of Richard of the same, was a
soldier, Dec. 1675, in Johnson's comp. RICHARD, Weymouth, by w. Rebecca, d.
prob. of John Taylor first of the same, had Joseph, b. 23 Feb. 1665; and
Marry, 9 Sept. 1667; freem. 1681.

    GUSTIN, JOHN, Falmouth. See Augustine. He m. at Salem, 10 Jan. 1677,
Elizabeth d. of John Brown.

    GUTCH, ROBERT, Salem 1638, had bapt. there John, 3 Oct. 1641;
Patience, 28 May 1643; Lydia, 6 Apr. 1645; Magdalen, 7 Jan. 1647; Elizabeth 19
Nov. 1648; Deborah, 16 May 1652; and Sarah, 4 June 1654; freem. 27 Dec.
1642; rem. to the E. beyond Casco, bot. from Ind. b. near mouth of
Kennebec riv. This may be the same name as Gouch, Gooch, or Gouge, in
sound nearly alike.

    GUTTERIDGE. See Goodridge.

    GUTTERSON, JOHN, Andover, m. 14 Jan. 1689, Abigail Buckmaster, Abigail, wh.
d. 21 Dec. 1694; and Samuel, d. 19 June 1700. WILLIAM, Ipswich 1648, d. 26 June
1666; had by. w. Elizabeth, William, b. 20 Sept. 1658, d. young; Mary, 8 Aug. 1660; John,
26 Mar. 1662; and Sarah, 3 July 1665; but I suppose he may have been s. of William,
whose inv. is by Coffin made 1643.

    GUY, HENRY, Charlestown 1652, merch. JOHN, Casco 1663-75, a tenant, of
Robert Jordan. See Willis, I. 94, 141; and Genealog. Reg. V. 264. NICHOLAS,
Watertown, came in the Confidence of London, 1638, aged 50, with w. Jane, 30; d. Mary,
and two serv. from Upton in Hants, emb. at Southampton, was deac. freem. 22 May
1639; d. 6 July 1649; and his wid. liv. to 1669. She was extrix. of his will,
and made her own 16 Aug. 1666, pro. 22 Dec. 1669, ment. her s. Joseph
, meaning, no doubt, s.-in-law[1], his four s. and five ds. Joseph, in,
Jonathan, and Simon, Hannah, Rebecca, Sarah, Mary, and Dorothy; s.-in-law
Henry Curtis
, her d. Mary, his w. with whom the testatrix liv. and the s.
Ephraim, John, and Joseph.

    GWIN, JOHN, Charlestown 1646. His wid. Mary, bec. w. of Eleazer Lusher.
THOMAS, Boston 1660, m. Eliz. d. Benjamin Gillam, wh. d. 1669, leav. two ch.

    GYLES, EDWARD, and MATTHEW, I have assigned to Giles. THOMAS, Salem,
had d. Hannah, m. 1650, Thomas Very of Gloucester