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Volume 2, Page 324

Deborah m. 5 Nov. 1659, Timothy Thrall of Windsor; Mehitable m. 22 Oct.
1663, David Ensign, and after bear. five ch. was, for his ill conduct,
divorc. and some yrs. later, 1685, was sec. n. of Isaac Sheldon of

    GUNNISON or GULLISON, * || HUGH, Boston 1634, on adm. at
the ch. next yr. is titled "serv. to our br. Richard Bellingham," freem. 25
May 1636, by w. Elizabeth wh. d. 25 Jan. 1646, had Sarah, b. 14 Feb. bapt. 4 Mar.
1638; Elizabeth bapt. 19 Apr. 1640; and Deborah, b. Oct. 1642, says town rec. but
bapt. 25 Sept. says the ch. beside two s. Joseph and Elihu, of wh. the last
two were s. of Sarah, adm. of our ch. May 1647, b. 31 Mar. 1649, and 12 Feb.
1650, respectiv. She brot. in for bapt. on 23 May 1647 her ch. by Henry
Lynn. See Lynn. In 1646 he was of ar. co. in 1651 call. vintner, sold his
est. the King's Arms, and rem. to Kittery, was rep. for Wells in 1654. I
presume his s. Elihu was a propr. of Falmouth in 1689, had a garrison ho.
by Willis, 1. 200, nam. Gullison, hut the bapt. name truly giv., yet in
Genealog,. Reg. VII. 120, when his m. is imperfect. giv. it appears Gullison;
and in III. 25 quoting the same transact. of the Counc. of war, is turned
into Elisha Gallison. See Gallison.

    GUNTER, LESTER, a youth of 13, emb. at London, 1635, for N. E. in the

    GUPPIE, GUPPY or GUPPEY, JOHN, Weymouth, freem. 1653, rem. to
Charlestown, where in 1678 was "goodman Guppy," then 60 yrs. old who had w.
Elizabeth both join. with ch. 1680. His wid. d. 26 Aug. 1693. JOHN, Salem, there had m. 3
June 1669, Abigail Kitchin, perhaps d. of John, and by her had Abigail, b. 31 May 1672;
and Elizabeth 3 Feb. 1675. But perhaps this John was s. of Reuben, and not the Weymouth
man. REUBEN, Salem 1648, by w. Ellen had John, b. 12 June of that yr. and Reuben,
6 Jan. 1651 as liv. in 1684, in 85th yr. ROBERT, Salem 1647. Felt. Farmer says the
name is found at Dover.

    GURLEY, SAMUEL, Coventry, s. prob. of William of Northampton,
m. a. 1712, Experience, d. of Nathaniel Rust of the same, had Esther,
b. 24 Feb. 1713; Jonathan, 2 Apr. 1715; Samuel, 30 June 1717; Lois,
17 Jan. 1720; Eunice, 14 June 1722; Experience, 25 Jan. 1725; Margaret,
4 May 1727, d. young; Mary, and ano. d. who d. very soon, 7 Mar.
1729; and Abigail, 30 June 1721. He rem. to Mansfield, d. there 23 Feb.
1760; and his wid. d. 10 July 1768. He was not ancest of the benev. agent
for coloniz. of Africa, unless Goodwin strangely omits that great honor.
WILLIAM, Boston, I find nam. in 1653, but not in reg. of b. or d. or m. or of
prop. WILLIAM, Northampton 1679, brot. up in the fam. of Rev. Solomon
Stoddard, but most indistinct. is the tradit. that he was b. a. 1665, tho.
neither parent nor other relat. is kn. and was brot. from Scotland; m.
1684, Esther Ingersoll, had Samuel, b.