Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p253


Volume 2, Page 253

admin. justice there; and the fam. name was perpet. by Richard, jr. prob.
his s.

    GILE, GUILE, GYLES or GILES, DANIEL, Salem 1689, fisherman. EDWARD,
Salem, freem. 14 May 1634, m. wid. Bridget Very, had there bapt. Mehitable,
2 Apr. 1637; Remember, 23 June 1639; Eleazur, 27 Nov. 1640; and John, b. 15 Apr.
bapt. 11 May 1645. He d. prob. a. 1650. His wid. long outliv. him, made her will 14
Jan. 1669, pro. 30 Nov. 1680, giv. est. to ch. Samuel and Thomas Very, the
latter of Gloucester, Mary, w. of Thomas Cutler of Reading, and Eleazur,
John, and perhaps other Giles ch. Mehitable m. 9 Mar. 1659, John Collins of
Gloucester; and Remember m. 1 Apr. 1659, Henry Moses of S. ELEAZUR, Salem,
s. of the preced. m. 25 Jan. 1665, at Lynn, Sarah More, perhaps sis. of
James, or George, or Richard, or all three, had Sarah, b. 1 Jan. 1666; Elizabeth
7 Dec. 1667; Hannah, Feb. 1670; Mary, 14 Feb. 1672; Susanna, 1 Mar. 1674;
and Eleazur, 3 Mar. 1676, wh. prob. d. in youth; and his w. d. 9 May 1676. He
m. 25 Sept. 1677, Elizabeth d. of James Bishop, the Dept. Gov. of New Haven, had James b.
15 Nov. 1679, d. under 10 yrs.; John, 31 Aug. 1681; Abigail, 7 Dec. 1684; Ruth,
12 July 1687; Edward, 28 Apr. 1689; James, again, 15 May 1691; Samuel, 17
Dec. 1694; Eleazur, again, 8 July 1698; and Mehitable, 11 Apr. 1701. He d.
prob. 1726, and his wid. d. 1732 or 3. JOHN, prob. of Dedham, freem. 10 May
1643, was perhaps of Boston 1654. JOHN, Salem, s. of Edward, by first w. (a
Giles, whose bapt. name is unkn.), had John, and ;by sec. w. Elizabeth d. of John
Galley, wid. of Osmund Trask, for wh. he rem. to Beverly, had Eleazur, b.
1680, Mary, 1681, wh. m. John Wheeler, and Bridget, 1683. He d. a. 1715. JOHN,
Salem, a sch.-master, by w. Mary had Sarah, b. 24 Jan. 1690; and John,
31 Aug. 1693; rem. to Boston, had Charles, 12 June 1696; William, 7 July
1698; Thomas, 8 Oct. 1700; Mary, 24 Jan. 1703, d. soon; and Mary, again, 9
June 1706; and he d. 29 Aug. 1730, aged 77. His wid. gave evid. July 1736,
that more than 50 yrs. bef. she liv. with her h. John, at Pemaquid, in a
house of Thomas Gyles, so that we may infer he was a younger br. of
that suffer. but spell. his name with a slight variat. He was a witness to
the will of Giles Corey, and sign. his name Gyles. MARK, Dover, perhaps s.
of Matthew, had Mark, and John, was mort. wound. by the Ind. 11 Aug. 1704,
when his s. was wound. also. Penhallow. Sometimes the spell. is Goyles.
MATTHEW, Dover 1643, had Mark; and d. a. 1667. SAMUEL, Newbury, an early
sett. rem. 1640 to Haverhill, freem. 18 May 1642, m. 1 Sept. 1647, perhaps
sec. w. Judith Davis, had John, Samuel, Ephraim, and Sarah; d. 21 Feb. 1684.

    GILFORD, JOHN, Hingham, perhaps B. of wid. Mary, wh. d. 7 May
1660, and he d. 26 Sept. foll. may have been f. of Susanna, bapt. 2 Nov.