Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p284


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Volume 2, Page 284

    GOSS, EDWARD, Marblehead 1668. JOHN, Watertown, freem. 18 May 1631,
came in the fleet, prob. with Winthrop 1630, and w. Sarah, and sev. ch. of wh.
Joseph was bur. 10 May 1631, and Elizabeth d. 25 Dec. 1641. He was the man, I
think, punish. by very heavy fine for evil speech; and the court, on pet.
of w. and childr. represent. his mental distemp. Apr. 1640, confirm. by
Phillips, Mayhew, and others, remit. the whole. His name in the freem. list
was read as hav. double f. instead of double s. He was bur. Feb. 1644, and
his wid. m. Robert Nichols. PHILIP, Roxbury, or, as may seem not unlikely,
Muddy riv. as the town rec. does not show his name; the ch. by his w.
Hannah Hopkins, bapt. at R. were Philip, 16 Feb. 1679; Hannah, 16 of next
mo.; and Mary, 22 Aug. 1680. RICHARD, N. Hampsh. 1689.

    GOTOBED, ROBERT, Concord, d. 10 Mar. 1667.

    GOTT, * CHARLES, Salem, came in the Abigail with Endicott, Sept.
1628, req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, as freem. and 18 May foll. was rec. was first
deac. of the ch. rep. 1635; had Deborah, bapt. 12 Feb. 1637; Charles, June
1639; and Daniel, 28 June 1646; rem. to Wenham, was rep. for this town
1654, and d. 1667 or 8. CHARLES, Wenham, s. of the preced. m. 12 Nov. 1659,
Sarah Dennis, wh. d. 8 Aug. 1665, and 25 Dec. foll. he m. Lydia Clark, was
freem. 1663; and may have been f. of Charles, the freem. 1682. DANIEL,
Wenham, br. of the preced. freem. 1670, m. 2 Jan. 1666, Elizabeth Morris, had
Mary, b. 27 Jan. 1667; John, 17 Sept. 1672; and Thomas, 22 July 1675, d. in 2

    GOUGE or GOUCH. See Gooch, and Gutch.

    GOULD or GOLD, ADAM, Groton, by w. Rebecca Cooper, m. at Salem, 15 Aug.
1677, there had Rebecca, b. 25 Aug. 1678; and John, 31 Jan. 1680; but at G. had Dorcas,
b. 8 Sept. 1683, rem. to Woburn, there by w. Hannah had Thomas, b. 1689; and his w.
d. soon. BENJAMIN, Salem, s. of Thomas of the same, was a witness to some folly in
1692. CHRISTOPHER, Hampton 1660. * DANIEL, Newport, s. of Jeremiah, brot. by
his f. in boyhood, a freem. there 1655, accomp. Stephenson and Robinson, hang. as
Quakers at Boston, Oct. 1659, to encour. them, and was for that sympathy whip. next mo.
See Mass. Coll. Rec. IV. pt. I. p. 411. He was �tied to a big gun,� he says, to undergo
the sentence of thirty stripes from that bigotry, whose folly was almost equal. execra. rep.
1672, m. 18 Dec. 1631, Wait Coggeshall, prob. d. of the first John, had Mary, b. 2 Mar.
1653; Thomas, 20 Feb. 1655; Daniel, 24 Oct. 1656; John, 4 May 1659; Priscilla, 20
June 1661; Jeremy, 5 May 1664; James, 13 Oct. 1666; Jeremy, again, 2 Feb.
1669, d. next yr. Content, 28 Apr. 1671; Wait, 8 May 1676; and I find the date of
his d. 26 Mar. 1716, aged a. 90. DANIEL, Newport, s. of the preced. m. Mary,
eldest d. of Walter Clark of the same, had s. Daniel, and Jeremiah; but the fam.
geneal. makes his w. d. of Thomas, not Walter. DANIEL, Reading, one
of the early sett. was prob. s. of Zaccheus of Lynn, had w. Elizabeth wh. d. 3
Aug. 1691, says Lewis. He may have been f. of that John of R. wh. a. there
24 Jan. 1712, by gr.stone, as Mr. Eaton finds, and a 69 yrs. DANIEL, Charlestown,
perhaps s. of the preced. had w. Dorcas, and d. 25 May 1697, aged a. 42 yrs. His wid. d.
5 June 1730, in 74th yr. EDWARD, Hingham, a pailmaker, came in the Elizabeth from
London 1635, aged 28, was of Hawkhurst, Co. Kent; liv. at Boston in 1657. He had
Hannah, wh. m. 25 Feb. 1673, or 4, Samuel Hobart. FRANCIS, Chelmsford, had
been of Braintree, by w. Rose had at B. Hannah, b. 18 July 1655; and
John, 26 Apr. 1657, wh. prob. d. young; and at C. had John, again, 21