Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p270


Volume 2, Page 270

Joshua Hewes of Roxbury. He was s. of Rev. William, vicar of Bedingfield, Co.
Suffk. and was bapt. at Wickham Skeith, says Mr. Somerby, 17 July 1591.

    GOLDTHWAIT, SAMUEL, Salem, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 3 Sept. 1666, Elizabeth
Cheever, prob. d. of the celebr. Ezekiel, had Elizabeth b. 7 Dec. 667, d. in few
wks.; Samuel, 5 Mar. 1669; Thomas, 14 Feb. 1671, prob. d. young; Ezekiel, 3
Oct. 1674; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1686; and Thomas, again, l Mar. 1689. THOMAS,
Roxbury 1631, prob. came in the fleet the yr. bef. W:13 freem. 14 May 1634,
rem. prob. 1637, to Salem, w. Elizabeth had there bapt. Samuel, 20 Aug. 1637; Mehitable,
27 Apr. 1640, wh. d. 3 May 1668, unm.; and Elizabeth 20 Nov. 1642, wh. m. Sept.
1660, John King. The name was long kept up in that town; and none has been
worse pervert. in spell.

    GOLDWYER, GEORGE, Salisbury 1650, Dover 1658, d. 12 Apr. 1684,
prob. at S. I think his d. Martha m. 30 Oct. 1684, sec. Robert Pike.

    GOLIKO, HUGH, a soldier in Turner's comp. in Philip's war.

    GOLT or GAULT, WILLIAM, Salem, came in the Mary Ann of Yarmouth 1637, aged
29, a cordwainer of Yarmouth, Co. Norf. single man, had there bapt. Deborah, and
Sarah, on 10 Sept. 1648. He had eldest d. Rebecca, and d. Apr. 1660. The wid. m.
22 July foll. Richard Bishop; and Sarah m. Dec. 1665, Henry Colborn.

    GOOCH, EDWARD, Boston 1685 well spok. of by John Dunton, call. him
Gouge; was warden of King's Chap. 1692. JOHN, York, was freem. 1652, and
Ruth, his r was in 1640, too free with Rev. George Burdett, from
Yarmouth, Co. Norfk. Eng. for which she was sentenc. to stand in white
sheet; but she was prob. sec. w. Yet in his will of 7 May 1667, pro. 12 July
foll. he gives prop. to w. Ruth, s. John and James, with small portions to Elizabeth Donnell, Mary, Hannah, Phebe, Peter, Nathaniel, and Ruth
Weare, and Elizabeth Austin. In 1656 JOHN, jr. is nam. also; and James was k. by
the Ind. Sept. 1676, as says Hubbard, 51; and a d. of the first John, m.
prob. Peter Weare. ROBERT, Pemaquid, d. 1667, or, at least, the inv. ret.
by his wid. Lydia, bears date 25 Sept. of that yr. but the spell. varies to
Gouch, Gouge, and Gutch. It has been long prevalent in parts of Maine.

    GOOD, WILLIAM, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675. SARAH, Salem,
one of the first suffer. under the cruel infat. against witches, July 1692. See

    GOODALE, ISAAC, Salem, perhaps s. of Robert, m. 25 Jan. 1669, Patience Cook.
ISAAC, Salem, perhaps s. of Robert, m. 25 Jan. 1669, Patience Cook, had Isaac, b. 29
May 1670; Esther, 17 Mar. 1672; Zechariah, 15 May 1675; Abraham, 3 May 1677, d. in a
few days; Abigail, Nov. 1678; and ano. s. wh. d. in few. wks. posthum. eithout doubt,
for the f. d. in Oct. 1679. JOSEPH, Boston, m. bef. 1681, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Rix.
NEHEMIAH, Lynn, m. 30 July 1673, Hannah, d. of Richard Haven, had Martha, b. 4
May 1674; Joseph, 24 Mar. 1677; Mary, 17 Oct. 1686; and perhaps others. His wid.
Hannah liv. above 20 yrs. at Framingham, d. at the end of Dec. 1726. RICHARD,
Newbury 1638, was from Yarmouth, Co. Norf. rem. to Salisbury, among first sett. 1639
or 40; had w Dorothy, wh. d. 27 Jan. 1666; ch. Ann, wh. m. William;