Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p272


Volume 2, Page 272

1644, d. 28 Mar. 1654. His will was nuncup. His wid. Jane d. 15 July
1666, in her will, of 7 July 1662, names d. Jane, w. of Henry Wight of
Dedham, and their ch. John, Joseph, David, Benjamin, and ano. then lately
b. yet does not ment. the other d. wh. Barry says m. Andrew Duning, but
perhaps she was d. JOHN, Sudbury, s. of first m. Edmund, b. in Eng. was
freem. 1673, by w. Mary had Hannah, b. 1656; Mary, 1659; Edmund, 1661;
Sarah, 1663, d. young; Sarah, again, 1666; Elizabeth 1672; Joseph, 1674;
Ebenezer, 1677; Lydia, 1678; and 19 Mercy, 1680. His v. d. 1704; and he a.
1721. Hannah m. 1680, James Smith; Elizabeth m. 1691, Joseph Hayden; and Mercy
m. 22 Sept. 1701, Joseph Patterson. NATHANIEL, perhaps s. of Thomas, came
in the Speedwell from London, aged 16, in 1656, arr. at Boston 27 July
1656; but I have only the slight ground for my conject. that Thomas, aged
20, came in the same voyage; and the strong one, that this is the ch.
Thomas, of one yr. who accomp. his f. in 1638, and had been sent home for
him. SAMUEL, Marlborough, s. of Thomas, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 1672,
was freem. 1690, d. 1717. THOMAS, Sudbury, younger br. of John, elder
of Edmund, came in the same sh. with them 1638, aged 30, call. in the
clearance, of Shaftsbury, wh. is a borough of Dorset, in the border of
Wilts, and but three and five miles from the respective homes of his
brors. He brot. w. Jane, s. Thomas, aged one yr and sis. Ursula. The
women's ages are not giv. in the custom ho. rec. but Ursula. we are told
by Barry, d. at Sudbury, 23 Apr. 1653. He was freem. 10 May 1643, and by w.
Jane had here Mary, b. 25 Aug. 1640; Abigail, 11 Mar. 1642; Susanna, 20 Feb.
1643, d. soon; Sarah, 20 Jan. 1644, d. at 10 yrs.; Samuel, 28 Feb. 1646, bef.
ment.; Susanna, again, 21 Dec. 1647; Elizabeth wh. d. 28 Dec. 1653; and Jane, who,
in 1672, was w. of Christopher Bannister of Marlborough; but of the last
two I am unable to fix priority. He had sec. w. Joanna in 1662, says Barry,
and he d. late in 1663. Possib. his s. Thomas was sent home in 1655, on
other business, but he may have gone to bring, 1656, Nathaniel, wh. may
have been b. shortly bef. the parents came away from Eng. and left to the
care of friends of the fam.

    GOODFELLOW, THOMAS, Hartford, Porter says, was there bef. 1639,
had a lot, but did. not sett. either forfeit. or sold the same; d. at Wethersfield,
25 Nov. 1685, leav. wid. Mary, eldest d. of Peter Grant m. a. 1681.

    GOODHEART, ISBRAND, Hartford, serv. of Caspar Varleet in 1658.

    GOODHUE, * JOSEPH, Ipswich, eldest s. of first deac. William, freem.
1674, rep. 1672 and 3, was selectman and deac. m. 13 July 1661, Sarah, youngest
d. of John Whipple, wh. d. 23 July 1681, bore ten ch. of wh. in an agreeable
writing left by her, that has been often print. and last in