Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p86


Volume 1, Page 86

freem. 1665, by w. Agnes had Ruth, b. 20 Mar. bapt. 8 May 1664; and
John, 15 Apr. 1666; and his w. d. 17 Nov. 1667. He m. 5 Oct. 1674,
wid. Hannah Carlton, perhaps relict of John of Haverhill, had Hannah,
15 July 1675, and Mary, 7 Mar. 1677. Christopher, 11 Nov. 1678; Richard, 1 Oct. 1680,
wh. d. in 5 mos. Richard, again, 14 July 1682; and Neheminh, 25 Mar. 168.

    BABBIT. See Bobbit.

    BABCOCK, DAVID, Dorchester 1640. GEORGE, Boston, wh. d. 2 Sept.
1693, perhaps was he that Gov. Eaton brot. over 1638 to New Haven,
conditio. to serve six yrs. call. Badcock. JAMES, Portsmouth, R.I. 1642, Westerly
1661, whither he rem. from Newport, had by first w. (whose name is not heard)
James, b. a. 1641; John, 1644; Job; and Mary. By tradit. it is said, that he
came from Co. Essex, and on giv. evid. with his two elder s. 1670, call.
them 29 and 26 yrs. respectiv. he sw. that he was 58, and spells with d.
at the end of his first syllab. From the idle and discord. tradit. that he
brot. from Eng. childr. b. from 1612 to 1620 (when the f. would have
been betw. 1 and 8 yrs. old), this testim. relieves the geneal. A sec. w.
Elizabeth and three ch. by her, one nam. Joseph, the oldest only 9 yrs. old,
are provid. for in his nuncup. will, 12 June 1679, the day he d. of wh. s. John
and Job were witness. as also to Job were giv. his smith's tools, beside gifts
to Mary Champlin, his d. thot. to be w. of William, and to s. Joseph, when he
comes to 21 yrs. JAMES, Westerly, eldest s. of the preced. d. 1698, leav. wid.
Mary, and eldest s. James, as the rec. of W. it is said, proves; but names
of other ch. are not giv. They were Sarah, Jane, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth
William, and Job. Part of the acco. of this James may be easily confus.
with that of his br. John. JOB, Westerly, a miller, prob. br. of the preced.
d. a. 1718, and in his will calls eldest s. Job, other ch. John, Benjamin,
Jane Braman, Sarah Hall, Mary Tanner, Elizabeth Brand, Hannah, and
Mary. JOHN, Stonington 1670, s. of the first James, Wh. had prob. own.
ld. on both sides of the riv. within disput. bounds of Conn. and R. I. He
had. w. Mary, ch. James, Ann, Mary, John, Job, George, Elihu, Robert,
Joseph, and Oliver. Fam. tradit. makes his w. to be a Lawton, perhaps
sis. of George the first; and it may be nearer the truth, when it tells of
his runaway match with the d. of his master, their kind recept. by the Ind.
in the wilderness, discov. of his d. and her h. some four yrs. after by the
bride's f. and forgiveness, liberality & c. than as it relates his d. 19 July
1719, "aged over one hundred yrs." For ano. John, perhaps his 8. that
protraction of days, tho. unlikely, might be correct, yet the f. d. from
twenty to forty yrs. too early, and his wid. m. bef. 1700 Erasmus Babbit.
Indeed his d. is marked 1685, and his wid. nam. Mary, and eldest 8. James,
but these three items concur. with those of his br. James, lead us to apprehend
that the geneal. may be confus. between them. JOSEPH, Westerly, s.
prob. youngest, of the first James, m. 13 Apr. 1696, Dorothy Key, had Elizabeth b.
29 Jan. 1698; had his w. d. 14 Dec. 1727. by sec. w. Hannah Coats, he had
Authority, 2 Feb. 1730; Abigail, 30 Apr. 1731; Joseph, 14 Oct. 1733; and John,
26 Jan. 1736. RETURN, Dartmouth bef. 1686, and liv. to be nam. Nov. 1694 in
deed of confirmat. of the town. Strange is the combinat. of errors, in Hinman, 111,