Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p85


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Volume 1, Page 85

freem. 1683, m. 14 Dec. 1681, Mary Johnson, d. perhaps of Thomas of
Andover, had Peter, b. 21 Dec. 1682, d. soon; Mehitable, 5 Feb. 1684;
James, 27 Oct. 1686; Obadiah, 9 May 1689. H. C. 1710; Timothy, 9 Apr.
1692, d. soon; Lydia, 19 Dec. 1694; Hannah, 3 May 1697; Ruth, 21 Mar.
1699; Abigail, 7 Apr. 1702, d. young; John, 7 Apr. 1705; was the chief
selectman, and k. by the French and Ind. when they surpris. the town 29
Aug. 1708. SAMUEL, Newbury, by w. Abigail had Stephen, b. 23 Mar.
1689; by w. Sarah had Jabez, 27 Dec. 1690; but Coffin seems to intend two
h's as well as two ws. in wh. he may be correct, tho. it appears strange,
that no other ch. is nam. no date of m. of either ment. nor d. of either h.
or w. THOMAS, Haverhill 1646, prob. s. of John the first, m. 1 Apr.
1656, Elizabeth d. prob. of John Hutchins, may have rem. to Newbury, there
had John, b. 12 May 1657; Elizabeth 23 Dec. 1659; Mary, 22 Mar. 1661;
Love, 15 Apr. 1663; tw. s. 16 Jan. 1665, both d. soon; Thomas, 9 June
1666; and Hannah, 11 July 1671; and was freem. 1666 and d. 15 July 1671.
THOMAS, Newbury, by w. Hannah had Abraham, b. 18 June 1688; Sarah,
29 Aug. 1690; and Mehitable, 5 Apr. 1693. WILLIAM, Hartford 1651-9,
whose name is often giv. Ayres or Eyres, is, in all other respects, unkn.
ZECHARIAH, Andover, m. 27 June 1678, Elizabeth d. of the first Aquila
Chase of Newbury

    AYLET, JOHN, Boston, merch. m. 21 Nov. 1654, Mary, d. of Capt.
Thomas Hawkins, had Mary, b. 8 Oct. 1655, and he sold, the same yr. to
William Hudson that est. wh. had been prop, of his f.-in-law, call. "by
the name or sign of Noah's ark." His w. prob. d. early, and he, I think,
must have gone home.

    AYRAULT or AYROULD, NICHOLAS, Wethersfield, a physician, driv. by
the revocat. of the edict of Nantz to fly his native ld. wh. prob. was Rochelle,
a. 1686, or earlier, m. at Providence Marian Breton, had Peter,
Nicholas, and other ch. and d. 1706. Of Nicholas jr. and Peter, see acco.
in Hinman. SAMUEL, R. I. a physician, by Hinman, Ed. 2, p. 90, presum.
to be br. or f. of the preced. but nothing definite as to fam. of these Huguenots
is easily accessib. No doubt he came betw. 1685 and 9; but it would
not surprise me to have it ascertain. that Hinman's Samuel wa, the same
as STEPHEN, Newport 1685, one of the blessed army of French protestant
exiles. His s. Daniel m. 9 May 1703, Mary Robineau of New York.

    AYRES, EDWARD, Kittery 1685. MARK, and NATHANIEL, N. H. 1689
req. protect. of Mass.

    AZELL, HUMPHEY, Kittery 1682,was one of the found. of Bapt. ch. there.

    BAALAM, CHARLES, is the name of a passeng. last on the list, coming
to Boston from London 1656, aged 18, in the Speedwell, the same voyage
on wh. came the earliest Quakers; and tho. it is not charg. against him,
that he was of that sect, yet is it almost certain that he soon left this ld.

    BABB, JONATHAN, Springfield, took o. of alleg. with Samuel, perhaps
his br. 31 Dec. 1678, or the next day, but no more is kn. of either.
PHILIP, Kittery 1652, and next yr. was assoc. under commis. from Mass.
with Maj. Bryan Pendleton, Nicholas Shapleigh, and others, in the governm.
of Isle of Shoals, and a few yrs. later liv. there, in 1666 was empow.
to take depons. The name is perpet. in N. H.