Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p207


Volume 1, Page 207

the Ind. prob. Oct. 1675. His s. AMBROSE was an inhab. 1658. THOMAS,
Marblehead 1668.

    BOARDMAN, SAMUEL, one of the first sett. at Wethersfield 1636. See
Boreman. THOMAS, Yarmouth 1643, a carpenter from London, first at
Plymouth, 1634. at Sandwich, 1638, had m. first w. Lucy, wh. d. 8 Nov.
1676, had a s. b. in London and a d. Elizabeth here, wh. d. 20 Dec. 1676.
He m. next, Elizabeth wid. of lieut. John Cole, d. of Samuel Rider. Other
ch. prob. by first w. were Thomas, Susanna, and Thankful; and he d.
Aug. 1689, very aged.

    BOBBIT, EDWARD, Taunton 1643, m. 7 Sept. 1654, Sarah, d. of Miles
Tarne of Boston, and was liv. at T. 1675. His ch. were Edward, b. 15
July 165; Sarah, 20 Mar. 1658; Hannah, 9 Mar. 1660; Damaris. 15
Sept. 1663; Elkanah, 15 Dec. 1665; Dorcas, 20 Jan. 1667, d. at 7 yrs;
Esther, 15 Apr. 1669; Ruth, 7 Aug. 1671; Deliverance, 15 Dec. 1673,
all ds. by the rec. Sarah m. 25 Mar. 1680, Samuel Pitts. Perhaps
the name in recent times has bec. Babbit.

    BOCKFORD, ELNATHAN, Milford, m. bef. 1679, a d. of John Fletcher.

    BODE, BOOD or BOADE, HENRY, Saco 1635, Wells 1641, [Willis,
I. 49.] freem. of Mass. 1653, d. 1657. Folsom, 119. His wid. Ann
m. Samuel Wensley of Salisbury.

    BODERIT, JOHN, Boston, by w. Jane had Susanna, b. 27 Nov. 1686,
and no more is heard of this strange name.

    BODFISH. See Bootfish.

    BODINGHAM, JOHN, a passeng. for N. E. in the Friendship, from Eng.
15 Aug. 1679, but where or when he reach. the ld. is unkn.

    BODKIN, WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 25 Mar. 1680;
and Elizabeth 15 Aug. 1682.

    BODMAN, JOHN, Boston, by w. Sarah had John, b. Aug. 1645, as the
town rec. has it; but ch. rec. says Benjamin, bapt. 7 Sept. 1645;
Manoah, 6 Mar. 1647; and Joseph, 17 Oct. 1653. What time he d. is
not kn. but his wid. was one of the first mem. of the third or O. S. ch.
JOSEPH, Westfield 1685; perhaps s. of the preced. after d. of first w.
Hepzibah, 15 Jan. 1686, hav. b. Lydia, 10 days bef. wh. d. in two wks.
He rem. to Hatfield, m. 1687, Naomi Church, had Manoah, William,
Sarah, Mary, Lydia, and Samuel; d. 1711. Of his s. Samuel alone had
ch. SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Mary had Sarah, b. 2 June 1682. WILLIAM,
Watertown, by w. Frances had Rebecca, b. 1 Nov. 1643.

    BODWELL, HENRY, Newbury, was in capt. Lathrop's comp. call. the
flower of Essex, in the battle 18 Sept. 1675, at Bloody brook, and
severely would. See Coffin, 388. He m. 4 May 1681, Bethia, d. of
John Emery, had Bethia, b. 2 June 1682; rem. to Andover, had Henry
and Josiah, tw. wh. d. 29 and 31 Jan. 1685.