BOARDMAN, (diff. forms of spelling Borman, Boreman, Bordman, Boardman). The exhaustive and admirable Boardman Genealogy says that the American family descends from the Boreman's, and that the name Bordman or Boardman was "from the first entirely distinct from Boreman, and has an altogether different derivation. Curiously and unaccountably, the descendants both of Thomas Boreman of Ipswich, Mass., and of Samuel Boreman of Weth., having at first generally employed the spelling BORMAN, by inserting, after a few generations, the d, and sometime later the a gradually, and so made it not only different from the one by which their ancestors were called, but identical with that of an entirely distinct family."

"This change from Boreman or Borman to Boardman, first appears in the Wethersfield line in the record of Richard of Newington, 1707, nearly 70 years after the first appearance of Samuel B. in New England. The new form was adopted by most of the family in Wethersfield, till 1780, when the a is first added in the record of Elijah, son of Israel of Newington." The plan adopted by the author of the Genealogy referred to, is to give to the first two generations, the name Boreman, to the third and fourth, Bordman, and Boardman to the remainder.