Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p211


Volume 1, Page 211

d. of Samuel Fuller the sec. had Hannah, b. 8 Oct. 1659; Mary, 4 Oct.
1661; and Sarah, 16 Feb. 1664.

    BONNER, JOHN, Boston, 1678, by w. Mary, d. of Jonas Clark of
Cambridge had Jane or John. b. 10 Jan. 1686, d. in few mos.; Jonah,
8 July 1687, d. in few days; and Mary, 28 Jan. 1689, d. at 10 yrs.
He rem. to Cambridge, there had Jane, 2 May 1691; John, 6 Dec.
1693; and Thomas, 6 Jan. 1696; and his w. d. 20 Apr. 1697. Soon
after he went to Eng. with his ch. See Geneal. Reg. V. 174.

    BONNEY, THOMAS, Charlestown, shoemaker, came in the Hercules,
1635, from Sandwich, in Kent, rem. early was one of the proprs. of
Bridgewater 1645, but liv. at Duxbury, where he m. Dorcas, d. of
Henry Sampson, had one or more s. prob. and Mary, wh. m. 14 Dec.
1675, John Mitchell.

    BONYTHON or BONIGHTON, JOHN, Saco 1636, s. of Richard, Casco
1658, had his ho. burn. by the Ind. 1675 [Willis, I. 44. 138]; and d.
bef. 1684, leav. wid. s. John; and hav. an ill epit. Folsom, 116. RICHARD,
Saco 1631, was a capt. and magistr. and held court 25 Mar. 1636,
and d. a. 1650, paid as large a rate for support of min. as any one in
1636. His d. Sarah m. Richard Foxwell, and ano. m. Richard Codman.
Bonython is the name of a place in Cornwall.

    BOOBYAR, JOSEPH, Marblehead 1668.

    BOOMER, MATTHEW, Newport, a freem. there 1655, had fam. of wh.
details are unkn.

    BOOSY, JAMES, Wethersfield 1635, by w. Alice had Joseph b. perhaps
bef. sett. at Wethersfield; Mary, b. 10 Sept. 1635; Hannah, 10
Feb. 1642; Sarah, 12 Nov. 1613; and James, 1 Feb. 1646; rep. from
1639 till his d. 22 June 1649. His wid. m. James Wakeley, and d.
1653. Of his ch. Mary m. the first Samuel Steele; Hannah m. as is
believ. John Pratt; Sarah m. 2 June 1659, Nathaniel Stanley; and
James d. under age. The will, of 21 June 1649, gives good portion to
each of the five ch. JOSEPH, had w. Esther, but no ch. and d. at West
Chester, but had liv. at Fairfield 1655, and his wid. m. Jehu Burr.

    BOOTFISH or BODFISH, JOSEPH, Barnstable, prob. s. of Robert, m.
June 1674, Elizabeth Bessey, had John, b. 6 Dec. 1675; Joseph, Oct. 1677;
Mary, 1 Mar. 1680; Hannah, May 1681; Benjamin, 20 July 1683;
Nathan, 27 Dec. 1685; Ebenezer, 10 Mar. 1688; Elizabeth 27 Aug. 1690;
Rebecca, 22 Feb. 1693; Meletiah, 7 Apr. 1695; Robert, 10 Oct. 1698;
and Sarah, 20 Feb. bapt. 6 Apr. 1701. ROBERT, Lynn, freem. 6 May
1635, rem. 1637 to Sandwich, and prob. others or at Barnstable, a. 1651;
hav. had Joseph, b. 3 Apr. 1651, and prob. others earlier, one 27 Mar.
1648, whose name is not giv. Perhaps a s. Robert, and one or more ds.
were b. in Eng. or at Lynn. At Barnstable, Bridget, prob. his wid. m.
15 Dec. 1657, Samuel Hinckley, f. of Gov. Thomas, as his 2d w.; Elizabeth