Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p493

Volume 1, Page 493

both hims. and w. so that she was prob. d. a short time bef. By descend.
the last syllable of the surname is now reject. Davis, in Morton, 379.
SAMUEL, Plymouth 1643, s. of the preced. was one of the orig. purch.
of Dartmouth in 1652, and most prob. had fam. beyond my knowl.

    CUTLER, DAVID, Boston, s. of John, the surg. had w. Ann, and
two ch. whose names are not heard, d. 8 Oct. 1730. JAMES, Watertown,
by w. Ann had James, b. 6 Nov. 1635; Hannah, 26 July 1638;
Elizabeth 28 Jan. 1640, d. soon; and Mary, 29 Mar. 1643. His w. d.
Sept. in the foll. yr. and he m. 9 Mar. 1645, Mary, wid. of Thomas
King, had Elizabeth 29 July 1646; Thomas, a. 1648; Sarah; Joanna;
Jemima; John, 19 Mar. 1663; Samuel, 18 Nov. 1664; Phebe; and,
perhaps, one or more of the latest were by third w. Phebe, d. of
John Page. He had rem. 1648 to an outlying planta. call. Cambridge
Farms, now Lexington, and there his will of 24 Nov. 1684, call.
hims. 78 yrs. old, was made, and yet not pro. bef. 20 Aug. 1694.
Ann m. prob. John Coller; Elizabeth m. John Parmenter of Sudbury;
Sarah m. Thomas Waite; and Joanna m. Philip Russell. JAMES,
Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 15 June 1665, Lydia, wid. of Samuel
, d. of John Moore of Sudbury, had James, b. 12 May 1666;
Ann, 20 Apr. 1669; Samuel, and Joseph, tw. 2 May 1672; John, 14
Apr. 1675; Thomas, 15 Dec. 1677; and Elizabeth 14 Mar. 1681; and he d.
31 July 1685. His will was made 3 days bef. In some circumstances
this name has been read Cutter, from the easy confus. of the clk. writ.
indifferently, single or double t bef. the l. JOHN, Hingham, came in
1637, with w. seven ch. and one serv. from some part of Norfolk, Eng.
and d. I suppose, a. 1671, for next yr. his wid. Mary, then bec. Hewet,
join. with s. Nathaniel of Reading, Samuel of Topsfield, and Thomas of
Charlestown, in sale of the est. at H. JOHN, Woburn, m. 3 Sept. 1650,
Olive Thompson, had Mary, b. 7 Aug. 1651, d. young; Susanna, 22
Mar. 1653; and Mary, again, 5 May 1663. He d. of the smallpox,
1678 or 9. Mary m. 2 Mar. 1682, tho. ano. rec. says 20 June 1684,
Matthew Smith. Ano. JOHN of Woburn, perhaps, m. 12 May 1682,
Susanna Baker, prob. d. of John, but may have rem. aft. hav. John, b. 7
Dec. 1684, d. soon. JOHN, Charlestown, s. of Robert, b. prob. in Eng.
by w. Ann had John, b. a. 1650; Timothy; Sarah, 20 Oct. 1655; Samuel,
1 Aug. 1658; Robert bapt. 22 Nov. 1663; Rebecca, 11 Nov. 1666; and
Mary, 21 Nov. 1669; was deac. 1673, ar. co. 1681, rep. 1680 and 2.
His w. Ann d. 24 July 1681, and he m. again, 29 Oct. 1684, Mehitable,
wid. of William Hilton, d. of Increase Nowell, d. 26 Mar. 1694. Most
of his ch. d. under mid. age; but Sarah m. 29 Oct. 1688, William Eustis;
and Rebecca: had two hs. yet d. 25 Jan. 1714; Samuel liv. few days
over 30 yrs.; and Mary, d. 1 Sept. 1703. He serv. a capt. in some exped. in
Philip's war, and was gr.f. of Rev. Timothy, H. C. 1701, D. D. and
head of Yale Coll. afterwards rector of Christ's church, Boston, wh. d.
17 Aug. 1765, aged 81. His w. Ann. d. of Robert Woodmansey. in
ano. rec. is report. to have d. 30 Aug. 183, a 56. Mather, VI. 78, tells,
of course, a wonderful story of the d. of her s. Robert at same hour in