Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p47


Volume 1, Page 47

Ruth, d. of Joseph Baker, had Ebenezer, b. 24 Aug. 1693, d. young;
Joseph, 1697; Mary, 24 June 1699; and Noah, 27 June 1701. His w.
d. 4 Mar. 1706, and he m. Elizabeth wh. perhaps was a wid. Bird, and had
Ruth, 24 Aug. 1710; James, 22 July 1712 d. soon; Elizabeth 7 Sept. 1713,
Rebecca, 25 Oct. 1716, d. soon; Rebecca, again, 10 Feb. 1718; Ebenezer,
again, 17 Dec. 1720; Sarah, 1723, d. soon; and Thomas, a. 1725;
and d. 29 Nov. 1738. JEREMIAH, Windsor, youngest s. of Benedict, had
Benedict, b. 27 Apr. 1688; Newton, 24 Mar. 1690; Jeremiah, 8 May 1692;
Jonathan, 1696, d. young; Jane, 14 Jan. 1699; Joanna, 1 Mar. 1702; and
Elizabeth 22 Nov. 1703, d. next yr. beside Elizabeth again, 27 Apr. 1706; and Job,
26 Aug. 1708. JEREMIAH, Hatfield, s. of Alexander, m. at Deerfield, where
he first rem. from his native town, 1691, Mehitable, wid. of Hezekial Root, d.
of Sampson Frary of D. had Jeremiah, b. 17 Feb. 1692, d. in few days; Jeremiah,
again, 31 Mar. 1694, wh. was drown. at 24 yrs. and Mary, 20 Aug. 1696. His w.
d. 7 Nov. foll. and in few yrs. he rem. to H. there m. Mary, d. of William Gull,
had Elizabeth 1703, d. young; Elizabeth again, 1705; Hannah, 1707; and Ebenezer, 1710,
wh. d. unm. JOHN, Northampton 1668, eldest s. of Alexander, m. Abigail, d. of
Nathaniel Phelps, had no ch. and the date of his d. is not giv. But his w. b. 5
Apr. 1655, d. 26 Aug. 1756, reckon. by the vulgar on the rec. with the common
fondness for exagger. in her 103d yr. She was the oldest person
that ever d. in N. but exact truth, after the correct. of old style, makes
her age 101 yrs. 4 mos. and 11 days. JONATHAN, Westfield, eldest s. of
Benedict, m. 1681, Hannah Brown, had no ch. JONATHAN, Northampton,
youngest s. of Alexander, m. 12 Jan. 1693, Thankful Miller, had
Jonathan, b. 9 Apr. 1694, d. at 9 yrs.; John, 28 June 1696; Patience,
22 June 1701; Zebediah, 30 Oct. 1705, d. young; Mary, 21 July 1707;
Thankful, 10 Aug. 1709; and Jonathan, again, 16 Nov. 1711; and d.
1729. JOSIAH, Windsor, s. of Benedict, rem. to Simsbury, there had w.
and fam. but partic. are unk. THOMAS, Northampton 1678, s. of Alexander,
m. 22 Mar. 1681, Joanna, d. of John Taylor of the same, had John,
b. 10 Aug. 1682, d. in few days; Thomas, 28 Aug. 1683; John, again,
19 Oct. 1685; and Josiah, 7 Feb. 1688, d. younger; and the f. d. 22 July
1688. His wid. m. 1690, Samuel King; and, next, 1702, Deliverance
Bridgeman. Farmer notes gr. of this name two at Yale, one at Dart.
and three at other N. E. coll. none at Harv. in 1828.

    AMADOWN, ROGER, Salem 1637, Weymouth 1640, where by w. Sarah
he had Sarah, b. 10 Aug. of that yr. and, at Boston, Lydia, 27 Apr. 1643;
rem. 1648 to Rehoboth, prob. had sev. s. and d. 13 Nov. 1673.

    AMAZEEN, JOHN, New Hampsh. 1683, call. John the Greek. Belkn.
I. 479. There are descend.

    AMBECK, AMBEEK or AMBEECK, JOHANNES, Hartford, m. Mary,
d. of Caspar Varleet, had Judith, b. 5 Dec. 1654, and liv. not many yrs. for