Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p46


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Volume 1, Page 46

his name to the spot. RICHARD, Newtown, L. I. 1686, by w. Hannah
had Thomas, b. 7 Sept. 1687; Richard; John; Hannah; Deborah;
Amy; and Elizabeth d. Oct. 1718, aged 58; but his wid. wh. d. 23 Aug. 1757,
was 90. He is suppos. to have been brot. in youth by his uncle Thomas
Wardell of Newtown, wh. had no ch. and have A. large est. See Riker's
Ann. of Newtown, 335. THOMAS, Stratford, wh. came in the Elizabeth
and Ann from London, 1635, aged 20, I think must have been br. of Joseph
of New Haven, as they came together, and the younger, in 1651,
inform. the Court, that his br. without nam. him, had d. at S. leav. some
prop. and no more is kn. It may be, that the f. of these youths was that
John, rated for a subsidy in 1598, to the same parish and at the same
time with William Shakespear, nor would it be very extrav. to presume,
that he, too, went up to London from Stratford on Avon. See my notes
on Edward Jackson. TIMOTHY, New Haven 1646, mariner.

    ALSOB, THOMAS, Salem vill. was a soldier, k. by the Ind. 16 July
(unless 16 May be nearer the day of fight, and the other only date of rec.)
1690, with others at Casco. See Felt Ann. II. 509. Yet Willis I. 205,
refer. to the same rec. spells the sufferer's name, as seems, at least, equal.
likely to be correct, Alsop. But I would gladly see his origin.

    ALVORD, ALEXANDER, Windsor, m. 29 Oct. 1646, Mary, d. of Richard
,or Voar; had Abigail,b. 6 Oct. 1617; John, 12 Aug. 1649; Mary,
6 July, 1651; Thomas, 27 Oct. 1653; Elizabeth 12 Nov. 1655; Benjamin,
11 Feb. 1658; and Sarah, 24 June, 1660; rem. next yr. to Northampton,
there had Jeremiah, 9 May 1663; Ebenezer, 23 Dec. 1665; and Jonathan,
6 Apr. 1669. His w. d. bef. 1683, and he d. 3 Oct. 1687. His sis.
Joan m. 6 May 1646, Amblose Fowler. Of his ds. Abigail m. 1666,
Thomas Root; Mary m. 24 Mar. 1670, John Weller; Elizabeth m. 1684,
Henry Burt; and Sarah m. 10 July 1689, as his sec. w. James Warriner.
BENEDICT, Windsor 1637, br. prob. elder, of the preced. was a soldier
in the Pequot war that yr. m. 26 Nov. 1640, Joan Newton, had Jonathan,
b. 1 June 1645; Benjamin, 11 July 1647; Josias, 6 July 1649; Elizabeth
21 Sept. 1651; and Jeremy, 24 Dec. 1655; and d. 23 Apr. 1683. His
only d. m. 20 Mar. 1672, Job Drake, and is nam. with only three brs. in
the will of her f. one of the s. having d. bef. him. BENJAMIN, New London,
s. of the preced. d. 12 Aug. 1709, as in Geneal. Reg. XI. 27, Miss
Caulkins gives the inscript. on his gr. stone; but, she adds, no descend.
are found, and he is not nam. in her copious Hist. BENJAMIN, Northampton,
s. of Alexander, m. a. 1690, Deborah, d. of John Stebbins of the
same, and Abigail, b. 1691; Elizabeth Sept. 1693; Benjamin, 1695; Deborah,
May 1698; Experience, 5 Oct. 1700; Jonah, 13 Apr. 1704; Sarah,
28 May 1707; and he d. 1715. His wid. m. 4 Apr. 1716, Henry Burt
of Springfield. EBENEZER, Northampton, br. of the preced. m. a. 1692,