Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p48


Volume 1, Page 48

the wid. m. 30 Dec. 1658, Paulus Schrick. All the parties were Dutch,
and prob. confin. in the very narrow space to wh. the Eng. limit. the earliest
sett. their predecess.

    AMBLER, ABRAHAM, Stamford, s. of Richard, m. 20 Dec. 1662, Mary,
d. of Robert Bates, had Mary, b. 1 Jan. 1664; Abraham, 5 Jan. 1666;
John, 18 Feb. 1668; Joshua, 8 Sept. 1670; Sarah, 1672; and others;
but in his will, of 1699, ment. only s. John, d. Mehitable, and three ch.
of his dec. d. Brown with his sec. w. Hannah; requir. John to provide
for his gr.f. dur. life. He was freem., a propr. not only at S. but at
Bedford a planta. to the N. now within the state of N. Y. and in 1686
was chief town officer there, rep. for S. in 1674. RICHARD, Watertown
1637, Weymouth (perhaps for short time) 1640, and Boston 1643, by w.
Sarah had Sarah, b. 4 Dec. 1639; Abraham, 27 Sept. 1641, d. very soon;
and Abraham, again, 22 Sept. 1642, all by Bond, giv. as at W. bef. 1650
rem. to Stamford, there was freem. 1669, and liv. at gr. age 1699.

    AMBROSE, HENRY, Hampton 1641, or earlier, had Samuel, bapt. 25
July 1641; Ebenezer, 1643; Henry, b. June 1649; was adm. freem.
18 May 1642, liv. at Boston 1654, Charlestown 1656, had Abigail, b. 28
Dec. 1654, was a carpenter, and prob. work. at his trade in sev. places,
certain. in 1650, at Salisbury, there not allow. as a commoner, yet d. there
1658, and his prop. was considera. His wid. bec. sec. w. of John Severance.
Abigail m. Oct. 1672 William Osgood. HENRY, Salisbury, S. of
the preced. m. Oct. 1672, Susanna, wid. of Timothy Worcester, had Dorothy,
b. 21 Sept. 1673; Nathaniel, 26 Mar. 1675; d. soon; and Nathaniel,
again, 26 Feb. 1677. JOSHUA, of wh. we gladly would kn. the
f. and date of b. was gr. at H. C. 1653, went home, and was sett. as min.
at Darley in Co. Lancaster, where he conform. to the ch. of Eng. at the
time of ejectm. had the honor of A. M. at Oxford, and is not mark. in
Mather's Catal. 1697, as d. See Calamy, II. 419. NATHANIEL, of
unkn. parentage, like the preced. to wh. perhaps he was br. being gr. of
II. C. 1653, was sometime connect. with the coll. prob. as tutor, went
home and was sett. as min. at Kirkby in Co. Lancaster, whence in 1662,
as non-conform. he was eject. Calamy, II. 417. SAMUEL, Salisbury,
prob. eldest s. of the first Henry, by w. Hope had Abigail, b. 1 Apr. 1665;
and Margaret, 12 Aug. 1668; but no more is heard of him.

    AMBRY or AMBERY, ROBERT, New Haven 1643, where often it appears
EMRY, or EMERY, took o. of fidel. 1 July 1644, by w. Mary had
Joseph, b. 14 Mar. 1650; and Mary, and John, prob. earlier; rem. to
Stamford, there had Moses, b. 1652; and d. 21 July 1656. The wid.
next yr. m. George Baldwin, or Boldin of Westchester.

    AMEREDITH, MERRYDAY or MEREDITH, JOHN, Kittery 1670, m. Joanna,
d. of James Treworgye, but what little is told of him may be seen