Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p440


Volume 1, Page 440

William Peake. SAMUEL, Wethersfield 1648. SAMUEL, Norwalk, s. of
Christopher, m. 27 Dec. 1705, Sarah, d. of Rev. Thomas Hanford, had
Sarah, b. 25 Mar. 1707; Samuel, 12 Nov. 1708; and Mary, 5 Aug.
1710. WILLIAM, Wethersfield, came from Eng. and there liv. sev. yrs.
with w. Elizabeth and prob. s. William, and Daniel, rem. 1649 to New London.
His s. William had William, left wid. Abigail, wh. m. a Huntley
of Lyme.

    CONANT, CHRISTOPHER, Plymouth 1623, came in the Ann, had sh.
in div. of la. next yr. but was gone in 1627, perhaps to Cape Ann, for
he had not sh. in the div. of cattle that yr. But if he had gone home,
he must have come back to our country, for he was on the first jury for
crim. trial here, impan. for the case of Walter Palmer for manslaught.
Nov. 1630. EXERCISE, Salem, s. of Roger, freem. 1663, one of the
found. of the ch. in Beverly, on wh. side he liv. 1667, rep. 1682-4; had
w. Sarah, s. Josiah, and Caleb, rem. in latter days to Windham, there,
in part now Mansfield, d. and his gr.stone remains. Caleb had seven
ch.; Josiah had only one, uh. was deac. col. judge at M. JOSHUA,
Salem, br. of the preced. by w. Secth had Joshua, b. 15 June 1657;
d. 1659. JOSHUA, Salem, gr.s. of Roger the first, but by wh. s. is
not clear, m. 31 Aug. 1676, Christian, d. of Richard Mower, had
Joshua, b. 12 May 1678. His w. gave inv. to Ct. 28 May. LOT,
Salem, br. of the preced. b. 1624, perhaps at Cape Ann, had Nathaniel,
John, Lot, Elizabeth all bapt. 26 May 1662; Martha, bapt. 12 Oct.
1664; and William and Sarah, 3 July 1667; one of the found. of ch.
at Beverly, 1667, but in 1674, when he d. was of Marblehead, had
ten ch. 5 s. 5 ds. provid. for in his f.'s will, 1678, wh. may render
just conclus. of his prior d. but his own est. was good. ROGER,
Salem, was one of the earliest sett. of Mass. hav. been in 1623 at
Plymouth, next at Nantasket, thence rem. to Cape Ann, there resid.
betw. one and two yrs. and rem. to Naumkeag, a. 1627. He was s.
of Richard and Agnes, br. it is said of Dr. John of the gr. Assemb.
of Divines at Westminster, tho. ano. acco. makes his f. William, b.
in the hundred of E. Budleigh, bapt. at the parish ch. of the same, in
Devon, 9 Apr. 1593; appoint. 1625, gov., agent, or superintend. for the
Dorchester project. of the planta. as Endicott, wh. supersed. him, was, 1629,
for the Gov. and Comp. of Mass. bef. the com. of Winthrop the first chart.
Gov. in the country. [Felt, I. 106. Hubbard, 109, 10.] Gibbs says
his gr.f. John was of French, i. e. Norman, extract. his ancest. for many
generat. hav. been at Gittisham, betw. Honiton and Ottery St. Mary's.
He req. to be freem. 19 Oct. 1630, was adm. 18 May foll. was rep. at
the first gen. Ct. of Mass. 1634, d. 19 Nov. 1679, in 87th yr. at Beverly
(wh. he earnestly desir. to be name Budleigh). Young, Chron. 24,
gives him four s. I think he had five; but even the assiduous fondness of
Felt, in a Mem. of gr. dilig. filling fourteen pages of Geneal. Reg. II.
has not furnish. complete fam. acco. His abstr. of the will, made 1 Mar.
1678, refers to s. Exercise and childr.; s. Lot's ten ch.; John, s.
of Roger; Joshua C. whose f. may have been John, or Roger;