Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p431

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Volume 1, Page 431

Hannah, 1667; John, 1663; Noah, 1671; Sarah, 1673; Bethia, 1676, k.
with her mo. 19 Sept. 1677; Ebenezer, 1680; and Nathaniel, 1684; was
deac. His sec. w. is unkn. as also the first, but third was Mary, d. of
Robert Day wh. was wid. of Thomas Stebbins, and bef. wid. of Samuel
, and d. 1725. Of the s. three or four went to Conn. JOSEPH,
Nantucket, s. of Thomas, m. Ann, d. of George Bunker, had Joseph, b.
17 Nov. 1673, drown. in youth; and Ann, 10 Nov. 1675; d. 1690.
NOAH, Hadley, br. of John of Hatfield, freem. 1671, m. Mary, d. of
John Crow, had seven ch. of wh. six d. young, and he d. 1676. His d.
Sarah m. 1692, Westwood Cook. THOMAS, Newbury, from Marlborough,
in Wilts, arr. at Boston 3 June 1635 in the James from Southampton,
came out under contr. with Sir Richard Saltonstall and others,
to keep their cattle, in wh. he was neglig. and unfaithf. as the Ct. rul.
yet was adm. freem. 17 May 1637, by w. Susanna, wh. d. 17 Nov. 1650,
had Tobias, b. 1638; Benjamin, 1 May 1640; Joseph, 2 Dec. 1642;
John, 1644; Isaac, 20 Feb. 1647, bef. ment.; and Joanna; rem. to
Hampton, m. 11 July 1651, Mary, wid. of Edmund Johnson, wh. d. 30
Jan. 1663; and he took for third w. Margery, d. of Philip Fowler (wid. of
Thomas Rowell of Andover, wh. had been wid. of first Christopher
of A.) He rem. to Nantucket bef. 1663, there d. 1682, aged 80.
Perhaps Susanna, wh. d. 2 Jan. 1643, was his d. Coffin says he spell.
his name "Coultman," but in my opin. it was Coaleman, or Coulman, as
in old writ. e is freq. tak. for t, and u for a is common eno. error in mod.
THOMAS, Wethersfield 1639, rep. 1652 and 6, rem. to Hadley, freem.
1661, there d. ] 674, leav. good est. to two s. bef. ment. and three ds. of
wh. Sarah m. the sec. Richard Treat, one m. Philip Davis of Hartford;
and Deborah m. Daniel Gunn of Milford. Part of the prop. was at
Evesham, Worcestersh. Eng. His sec. w. was wid. Frances Welles, by
wh. he had only Deborah. Mrs. Welles had Thomas, John, Mary, wh.
m. Jonathan Gilbert, bef. her m. with Coleman. TOBIAS, Rowley,
eldest s. of Thomas of Newbury, had Jabez, b. 27 May 1668; Sarah,
17 June 1670; Thomas, 26 Mar. 1672; Lydia; Deborah, 25 May
1676; Eleazer; Ephraim; and Judah. The eldest was k. by the Ind.
at Kingston. He had right in Nantucket lds. but did not go there,
perhaps, with his f. or even aft. his d.

    COLEY, PETER, Milford, eldest s. of Samuel, rem. to Fairfield, there
d. 1690. With his inv. of 31 Mar. in that yr. the names of five ds.
and one s. are ret. Sarah, aged 22; Ann, 16; Mary, 13; Elizabeth 8; Hannah,
6; and Peter, whose yrs. are not told. SAMUEL, Milford 1639, one
of the first sett. join. the ch. 1640, m. Ann, d. of James Prudden, had
Peter, bapt. 1641; Abilene, 1643; Samuel, 1646; Sarah, 1648; Mary,
1651; Hannah, 1654; and Thomas, 1657; and d. in 1684. In his will
of 1678, and in the will of his wid. 1689, the same 7 ch. are nam.