Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p424

Volume 1, Page 424

and even permit. to cont. selectman very oft. He d. 1 Aug. 1662, the
date of his will, that is cop. into Geneal. Reg. XI. 174. His ch. surv.
were Sarah Pierce, w. of William; Mary Turin, Turand, or Turell, wh.
had been w. of John Barrell; and Elizabeth Paine. WILLIAM, Boston, perhaps
s. of the preced. left at home at sch. came in the James, 1635, aged
16, from London, and if so, prob. d. bef. his f.

    COLBY, ANTHONY, Boston 1630, prob. came with Winthrop No. 93 on
list of ch. mem. may have been, 1632, at Cambridge, freem. 14 May
1634, rem. to Salisbury, there, by w. Susanna, had Isaac, b. 6 July
1640; Rebecca, 11 Mar. 1643; Mary, 19 Sept. 1647; and Thomas, 8
Mar. 1651; but he had four other ch. earlier, of wh. two only are kn. by
name, John, bapt. 8 Sept. 1633, the same day with Seaborn Cotton, and
Sarah, wh. m. 6 Mar. 1654, Orlando Bagley. He d. 1 Feb. 1661; and
his wid. m. 1664, William Whitteridge of Amesbury, was again wid. liv.
in Sept. 1682, infirm with age. Rebecca m. 9 Sept. 1661, John Williams;
and Mary m. 23 Sept. 1668, William Sargent. ARTHUR, Ipswich
1637, may have been br. of the preced. ISAAC, Salisbury 1663,
s. of Anthony, by w. Martha had Anthony, b. 24 Jan. 1670; rem. to
Rowley, and prob. d. bef. 1691, when his wid. was tax. for the est.
JOHN, Salisbury, eldest ch. of Anthony, m. 14 Jan. 1656, Frances, d. of
John Hoyt, had John, b. 19 Nov. 1656; Sarah, 17 July 1658; Frances,
10 Dec. 1662; and Anthony, and Susanna, tw. 10 May 1665. SAMUEL,
Amesbury, perhaps s. of Anthony, took o. of alleg. with John and
Thomas, 20 Dec. 1677, by w. Elizabeth d. of William Sargent, had Dorothy;
Elizabeth b. 1 June 1670; and was rep. 1689. THOMAS, Amesbury,
youngest s. of Anthony, sw. alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. Of this name, in
1834, gr. at N. E. coll. were eleven, says Farmer.

    COLCORD, EDWARD, Exeter 1638, but as a ch. his first com. is reckon.
1631, rem. 1640, to Dover, and Hampton 1644, perhaps to Saco 1668,
but back to H. there, in 1673, call. hims. 56 yrs. old, of course b. a.
1617, and d. 10 Feb. 1682. Perhaps his wid. d. 24 June 1689, for
Pike's Diary, on that day, ment. d. of a Mrs. C. He had seven ds. of
wh. Hannah m. 28 Dec. 1665, Thomas Dearborn; Sarah m. 30 Dec.
1668, John Hobbs; Mary m. 28 Dec. 1670, Benjamin Fifield; Mehitable
m. 20 Dec. 1677, Nathaniel Stevens; and prob. the others, Shuah,
b. 12 June 1660; Deborah, 21 May 1664; and Abigail, 23 July 1667;
all d. young, or certain. unm. Of three s. the eldest, Jonathan, d. 31
Aug. 1661, in his 21st yr. the sec. was Edward, k. by the Ind. 13 June
1677; and the other was Samuel. To support the reputa. of the famous
forged deed of Ind. Sachems, that gr. to John Wheelwright, and others,
all the E. and centr. region of N. H. 17 May 1629, more than seven yrs.
bef. W. came over the ocean, it was pro. by o. of W. tak. 13 Oct. 1663,